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Should you spell out or write numbers in English essays when you’re listing examples?

I don’t know which is more appropriate for my English essay:There are a few assumptions that one who is viewing this picture can make out of speculation from this: first, they do not know anything about how this man became homeless, assume he is a drug addict and therefore cannot trust him with their money, […]

Please help me out if you’re good at writing! TEN POINTS!?

I have to write a funny descriptive essay about going on a blind date with a crazy guy who thinks he’s in the army and every time he hears an airplane or helicopter he grabs me and jumps to the ground shouting “they’re coming to get us! ” and “mayday” and funny things like that…I […]

I REALLY need help with an essay topic, if you can answer this you’re awesome!?

i have to write a narrative essay with the concept of pride. it can be fictional or true. can someone just give me a basic idea of something i can write about? i’m really bad at stuff like this. here are the directions The focus for your narrative essay is the concept of pride. You […]

Career Path Help? (long, so only if you’re serious)?

I’m only 15 but I’ve always had my life planned out. At first I wanted to be a veterinarian but that would be putting to waste all of my creativity and I imagine it would be pretty boring after a few days…considering I’m very fickle.I’m pretty good at arts. I like acting (but I don’t […]

Survey: Do you care about spelling, grammar, and punctuation when you’re on the Internet ?

I hate when people correct me for one tiny mistake , its annoying as hell. As long as people can understand what i’m saying , I think it shouldn’t matter. It’s the Internet, not an essay for Harvard!

How would you write a refutation paragraph if you’re writing an essay on torture against terrorist?plz help?

It would depend which side I was refuting — whether it’s OK or not OK.But I would do it by researching the topic and formulating reasoned arguments. I wouldn’t do it by asking others to write something to plagiarize.

What is the quote that means that your true nature is shown when you’re alone and noone’s looking at you?

I forgot the quote, but I’ve heard it many times. It kind of goes like: The true nature of a man is not when he’s with people but what he does when he’s alone. I want to use it for my essay :X.

Can someone please explain to me what a POSITION is when you’re writing a persuasive essay?

I’m really not getting it..Can you explain to me[ clearly ] what it is? and could you give me an example?Thanks you lots ♥ :]

When you’re getting crappy results, no matter how hard you try?

No matter how hard I try, I always seem to be behind.How do you stay optimistic when all the hard efforts you’re putting into your work reveals little to nothing?I’m trying so hard to stay on top of things. Studying while my friends and suitemates are laughing and having fun. Focusing only on my studies, […]

If you’re shy or know someone that’s shy please help me.?

I’m writing an essay on shy people, can someone please help me on what a shy person would usually do whether they’re in school or just out in public. I already came up with one, and I said they usually walk with they’re head down in the school hallway, but please help me come up […]