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What are my chances at NYU (New York University)?

I am a high school senior who applied to NYU for political science (CAS). I do not live in NY. Overall, my gpa is a 3.0. Although my grades were pretty low freshman and sophomore year, I showed an upward trend my junior and senior years of high school. The process of how I developed […]

What does the painting “new york movie” by edward hopper mean?

ok so my stupid teacher mr. roberts is making me write a whole essay on the painting “new york movie” and i have no clue what it means. please help its due tomorrow worth a huge part of my grade.:(

To All New York University alumni?

Hello all! I am a Junior, Senior-to-be in high school and I was wondering, realistically, what my chances were of getting accepted to NYU undergrad as an undecided major. My credentials are as follows:3.1/4.0, 3.6/5.0 GPA33 ACT, 2100 SAT307 Service Learning Hours, Volunteered at programs ranging from the local library to the LaSalle Bank Marathon, […]

Qualifications to get accepted to The Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) in New York City?

My girlfriend applied and was rejected. I don’t understand why. It’s been her dream to go there and she was traumatized. I just want to make sense of this. Her grades were excellent. Her SAT scores were great. Her application essay was fantastic. She’s not some girl who watched a couple episodes of Project Runway […]

Would someone read my Art Institute of New York City essay>?

Please help, opinions and changes. Thanks.I feel obligated to start off this essay with stating how much I love art. So here it goes: I love art! I currently attend a performing arts high school in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, majoring in illustration and photography. It is such a blessing to be able to attend […]

If in New York on Sunday, 9 September 2007, will you try to make this event?

Insha’Allah, I’ll be there!CAIR-NY: SUPPORT AMERICAN MUSLIM DAY PARADE – TOP(NEW YORK, N.Y., 9/5/2007) – The New York chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-NY) today called on Muslims and all New Yorkers who support diversity, tolerance and harmony to participate in the 22nd United American Muslim Day Parade scheduled for Sunday, September […]

How would you the describe New York City in an essay in order to impress the reader?

I’m from NY and I want to wish you luck. You’de have to write a whole lot of crap to impress me…