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What Is Writing To You?

I’m am a junior taking AP Literature. My teacher stresses constantly the importance of good essay writing and that if you’re just writing random garble, it’s not writing. I want to prove a point that writing is writing regardless. Let us say that you’ve had tons of novels published, but yet have never had an […]

Essay writing – Good manners are waste of time in the modern world.?

For my school work.

I am writing a essay on “The Truman’s show” so, can anybody help get some ideas what to write. Thanks?

I think a very intersting angle would be to elaborate on the religious symbolism which has been embedded into the movie…for example:Truman Show – “True Man” (Gnosticism)…the characters names ex: Christoff…from “Christ” but their name is meant in a derogatory way, Moses (Bible name),Sophia, Laura (means of the woods = Gnosticism)the show itself = about […]

May i have a sample of directed writing essays ,please…( :?

Essay Writing, Study Skills. [external link] … [external link] … [external link] … [external link] … [external link] … [external link] … [external link] …

Any good Essay Writing Services?

Anybody have any expericne using one in the past?

I need writing help!?

I have just written an essay on why annie sullivan is the most inspiring character in the miracle worker. hen something poetic describing her. I am trying to decide on a title. So far I have thought of a hero among us or Annie Sullivan: then something poetic describing her, can u help me with […]

Where can I find some examples college-level writing prompts?

I’m a Junior in high school and I like writing. I want to go to North East School of the Arts to major in writing, but I need to improve my writing skills. Do you know a place where I could find higher level writing prompts for essays or short response so that I can […]

I need help writing an essay for my American History final?

Tomorrow morning is my final and we’re allowed to write an outline and bring it with us. Problem is i’m not sure what to write and so far my grade hasn’t been all that great so I really need to do well on this final. I’ve chosen the essay question: What is or should be […]

How can I improve my essay writing?

Most of the times I have a hard time brainstorming. I don’t know really what to say next so I get really stuck on it. Tell what are the effective ways that I can improve them. Give some suggestion.

Help writing an Essay on Obason by Joy Kogawa?

I have to write an Essay on how the characters withhold information on purpose. I need three examples and I can only think of one: When Naomi doesn’t tell anyone what the creepy old man does to her. Any help would be great; quotes, page numbers, an event, etc.