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Do deaf people make good book writers?

I’m just asking this question out of general curiosity – i do know they can write essays, newspaper articles, etc quite well – but what about books? As writing a book requires a massive vocabulary, which many people say that deaf people lack – i’m not sure on if this is true or not. I […]

If any of you are writers, perhaps you can answer this. Why do authors use nonsense writing?

I have to do this for my essay and I’d really like an answer. Thankzz!(: I’d really appreciate it!

Are there any creative writers that I can email my sentence to for an essay?!?!?!?

wat do u mean by email ur sentence 2? i mite b able to help since im an authoruh please explain 2 me how that sounds blegh. thats very good. it paints a picture in my head and allows me 2 step in2 the shoes of the character which is somewhat ur goal.

What quality of writers does Pioneer Admission Essays have?

Pioneer Admission Essays mostly has writers who have completed their PhDs and Masters degrees. The quality of work these experts generate is truly out of this world.

ANY GOOD WRITERS OUT THERE? could use your help…?

Hi everyone! Alright so I just finished an essay on the crusades and I think it’s good… but it could definitely use a quick edit!Is there ANYONE who would be kind enough to edit it? you could put your e-mail and i’d email it! I would be so incredibly appreciative! Thanks

Help with college admissions essay. Any good writers?

I’m applying for Clark Atlanta University to major in business. The question asks how would CAU prepare me for future leadership. I went and read their website but i felt that would be too scripted and cliche’. I want to sound like my funny self but I’m thinking their going to get my humor. Can […]

How do you overcome writers block?

I love writing, its one of my favourite passtimes and I’ve been told I’m good at it. These days I’ve had a lot of writing assignments for school (mostly essays.) Usually the teachers assign a topic and sometimes I don’t know how to start my introduction. How can I decide what I want to say?

I have an essay due in a couple days but I’m having a little writer’s block. Help?

My topic is: How can education be bettered for the future…A couple things came to mind like funding, discipline and technology but it’s still a little weak. Any ideas?

Writer’s Block?

I am writing an argumentative essay. The topic given was guilty pleasure. So far, all I have is what the guilty pleasure is. For some reason, my professor keeps rejecting my thesis statements I send him, and he wont even give me feedback on how I can go about correcting them. The following are some […]

Writers, please help me with an idea for an introduction on an essay!?

today our teacher passed around three items: a field hockey stick a poetry book and an art exhibition pass… we each had to ask her a question about each item and take notes……. with those notes we have to write an essay and i dont know how to start please help!