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Iliad and Letters from Iwo Jima both depict war in similar ways, how do I write an essay?

Topic Two The Iliad and Letters from Iwo Jima both depict war in similar ways. On the one hand, war is an opportunity for adventure and personal glory. On the other hand, war is an act of ritualized, brutal violence from which there is no escape. On balance, do the Iliad and Letters from Iwo […]

Cany anyone write me a resume?

Thanks for looking. I was wondering if anyone could write me a resume? I am willing to pay for good work. I would only need a small good essay. Thanks

What are some essays I can write about? Any ideas? Easy 10 points. Realistic Things!?

Summerlover had a lot of good ideas, as did everyone else. You could write about how fashion has changed over time and maybe describe what impacts those changes. You could write about how fashion changes with age, which could be quite interesting considering the world we live in now. Or you could write about what […]

Help me to write an simple essay about my ambition?

Hello… You didn’t explain what exactly you wanted. However check this… I hope it helps youEssay On Ambition To Aspiration From Acquiring To BecomingFrom Ambition To Aspiration From Acquiring To BecomingWe have many premium term papers and essays on From Ambition To Aspiration,From Acquiring To Becoming. We also have a wide variety of research papers […]

I am writing a essay on “The Truman’s show” so, can anybody help get some ideas what to write. Thanks?

I think a very intersting angle would be to elaborate on the religious symbolism which has been embedded into the movie…for example:Truman Show – “True Man” (Gnosticism)…the characters names ex: Christoff…from “Christ” but their name is meant in a derogatory way, Moses (Bible name),Sophia, Laura (means of the woods = Gnosticism)the show itself = about […]

I need to write a 10 page essay. Does anyone have a topic for me?

It needs to be from the time period of 1492-1865 (Late Renaissance through the Romantic Era)

500 words essay for college transfer…what should i write about?

the application states “of your choice” im a little stumped thoughim majoring in Architecture and am currently in a community collegei dont really want to write a plane essay about “oh look how far i’ve come” blah blah blahi thought about writing why im choosing Architecture or what i hope to accomplishidk i want something […]

Hye people! can u please help me out to write an essay on this:what is corruption?,what and why is it caused?

does corruption help countr to grow economically? please give ful detailed information on corruption,please!soooon!

How do you write song titles in an essay?

I am writing and essay for school that has song titles in it, but I don’t know if I am suppose to underline them or do something else to them.What should I do with them?

How to write a compare/contrast essay?

I don’t know what is the setup to write this type of essay.Let say i have to write a contrast essay. How would the structure be?An example for contrast: what makes a good manager/what makes a bad manager. THANKS