wondering essays

I am 14 and i was wondering if there were any tirps to anywhere I could win? through poems and essays?

thanks anything is greatly

Anorexia I was wondering if anyone had some info on anorexia. I have an expository essay due Sunday.?

I have 1089 words and need up to 1600. I have researched and keep finding the same info I already have like causes, treatment, the medias affect, etc… So maybe someone has something different or knows how to incorporate more info without it sounding boring as if I keep repeating myself.

I am writing a persuasive essay and I was just wondering what other words can i put in for “I”?

This is the sentence ..In conclusion, I would like to say that I believe that these couples will be able to overcome those unwanted opinions and raise a magnificent family unit!

I am writing a history essay and was wondering: Who do you think was the greatest leader before A.D. 1?

Preferably, it should be an Egyptian Pharaoh, leader from Mesopotamia, Babylon, or Early Roman empire. Thanks

Hi I am wondering if anyone can help me out?i have a question about taxes?

I am supposed to write an essay on high taxes in the us,,, i am not asking for you guys to do my homework , i just thought i would get some thoughts on what some of the perks and downfalls to this issue are? thanks for your input and hope every one had a […]

I was wondering if anyone knows English comp. 111 grammar rules well enough to proof read my 1st essay?

I’m enrolled in Advanced Placement Senior English, I tutor other high school students in English, and I’m the editor-in-chief of my school newspaper. Credible enough? E-mail me regarding your essay!

I Was Wondering If It’s Normal….?

I was wondering if it is normal feeling this way towards my friend who is also a girl like me. I’m known around at my school between most girls, who are my friends, as the tall girl who wants hugs all the time. I’m known as a tomboy who hates isolation without hugs. I really […]

I’m taking my RCM history 3 exam on friday, and I was wondering how long do the answers have to be?

For the questions like ‘Describe the Life, Career and musical style of one of these following composers’ How long are the answers? Since on the practice test, they don’t give the lines of where to write, which give you an approximate guess of how long it is supposed to be. I was wondering because some […]