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F a Pumice rock flip over how will that affect the magnetic poles of the rock?

i really need to no this for am essay PLEASEE HELPPP!

Will I get docked points if I refer to The Church of Scientology as a science fiction club in my essay?

If so, what should I refer to this organization as?

OK class, today you will be taking your super-sized AP+ CALCULUS exam?

You have 30 minutes to answer all 100 free-response questions and write an essay about the history of math…you may begin..haha..losers

Will I be admitted to the University of Delaware?

- I am currently in my 2nd semester as a freshman at a junior college- I have a 3.06 gpa after my 1st semester- I am a New York resident- My SAT scores: Math-560 Reading-520 Writing-530- My high school averages: Weighted-91% Unweighted-80% (I don’t know how to convert to 4.0 scale)- I am a track […]

Will I need to italicize anything in this paragraph?

Ten minutes flew so rapidly. After having selected the stuff to put in my navy blue North Face bag which I received last Christmas from her, I had the sudden urge to brush my teeth. Who knows what can take place when we see each other in the dusky park, and I mischievously smirked at […]

Will I get into NYU (CAS)?

YU (college of arts and science) Biology Majorwrote some really killer essays and I really emphasized on my diverse cultural background, if thats a good thing? (if you have time to read em u can drop me ur email)Im pretty sure I got some good recommendations, and I also got a recommendation from a neurosurgeons […]

Will I get accepted into the University of Oregon?

**I’m a second semester senior**-The University of Oregon has an automatic admission with a 3.4 GPA. If you do not have a 3.4 GPA, they automatically ask for your first semester Senior year grades.-I had a 3.1 GPA as my entire GPA (Freshman-Junior)-ACT: 22-First semester senior year, I received a 3.43 (the semester is already […]

I’m completely brain dead. What should my introduction be for my essay? 10 points will be given.?

I have to write an essay about something that happened in my life.I’ve decided to write about my journey from moving to new york to vegas.How should I start the intro?

Half a page Essay on “Discipline” in Hindi. Devanagari will do. Can U help me?

You can write the hindi words in english (Devanagari Script). Please don’t say that why should I write Ur Essay. Thank U

Will i pass my english GCSE ?

im really friking stressing out because i don’t think im guna do well in my GCSE literature part of my english exam whan i have to write the essays, especially chaucer. So do you think i could pass if i do well in two of my essays and not so good in the other ? […]