which essays

Which are some good poems about racism and death made by legit poets?

i am doing an english essay which requires attaching a poem that embraces the topics, the two major topics here are death and racism.

Which essay title do you like best?

It is an argumentative essay on human population control. An Overflowing WorldSmothered by HumansControlling the Human Population.. etc. choose one, make your own, I just need a title!

Is it the HAARP which in fact of the tries(essays) on the Flight(Theft) AF447?

Don’t be reedikulus!HAARP b 2 4 away

Which has had a greater impact on the world the astrolabe or Cell phone?

PLEASE HELP! I HAVE TO WRITE A 7000-10000 word essay on the impact the astrolabe had on society during its time and the cell phone in ours and then in conclusion which had the biggest and most significant impact! PLEASE HELP

Which careers are right for me?

I’m currently entering grade 11 and am uncertain of which career path to take:Interests/Strengths:-Mathematics/Logical Thinking/Problem Solving-Particular interest/knowledge in computer science/IT/technology (although I’m very good at programming, I cannot envision myself spending 10 hours a day in front of a computer coding—too mundane.-I am a very effective communicator…I enjoy talking to/interacting with other people, expressing my […]

Which thesis do you like best keep in mind i am in 9th grade and pre ib class (advanced class)?

Without Greek mathematic contributions in trigonometry, geometry, and scientific observations, modern physics, medicine, architecture, and math would not have evolved as quickly.my essay is about greek mathematicsthe whole subjecthow do i revise it to make it better

Which is primary and which is secondary research?

Well, I am doing an essay on starting up a business and whether it will be successful or not. I have decided to start up my own chocolate shop.For the market research I carried out:1. A questionnaire (I gave this to random people to fill in) *Also, please could anyone tell me the benefits of […]

Which Greek god do you like more: Dionysus or Apollo?

For my world civilizations class I have to write an essay on one of the less-common but still known Greek gods and explain the god’s role in society and what I think about how he is / was represented. I’ve narrowed my choices down to two options: Dionysus, the god of wine, festivities, and ecstacy, […]

Which book should I read?

I have to choose one of these books for English and then do an essay on “the nature of man” using the book.Night by Elie WieselFarenheit 451 by Ray BradburyFlowers for Algernon – Daniel KeyesThe Chrysalids – John WyndhamInto the Wild – John KrakauerTuesdays with Morrie – Mitch AlbomI am the Messenger – Marcus ZusakThe […]

Which social norm should I break for my paper?

I have been sick so I haven’t really had time to work on this paper until today and it is due tomorrow.The norm I have to break is in my house,after I break the norm at least 10 minutes I record the information in a 250 word essay.I was thinking of the following -Walking backwards […]