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Where can I find some examples college-level writing prompts?

I’m a Junior in high school and I like writing. I want to go to North East School of the Arts to major in writing, but I need to improve my writing skills. Do you know a place where I could find higher level writing prompts for essays or short response so that I can […]

If you where going to Gambia why would you go?

I am some research for my geography essay i am doing so please could you answer the following question on Gambia.If you where going to Gambia why would you go?Would you go for the… 1.exotic bird watching2.The beautiful beaches3.The Warm Climate4.The Food5.The friendly culture and people (which is why Gambia has been named “The Smiling […]

I need help writing an intro for an essay about where my parents are from?

my dad is from cubaand my mom is from mississippi

Where can i find a copy of street car named desire online for free to help me write an essay?

I am writing an essay on this play and i am missing some quotes that i need. Please helpThankyou

Where to find free essay about Marcus Brutus in Julius Caesar?

I need essay about Brutus, about his character traits.so far I’ve tried google, sparknotes and cliffnotes. Where else?

Where can i find examples of a descriptive essay?

I’m dong a essay for school but I’m having trouble with the introduction and ive been on Google already.I’m writing a essay on a jewelry box.So like i need examples of essays describing an object

Did the Japanese know that they where going to be attacked by the atom bomb before it happened?

Doing a history essay and just want to know if they knew . Thanks if u answer.

Where can I find freelance writing jobs?

I can write informative articles, reviews, blogs, ads, essays, dialogues, speeches, etc.

How do we know if UFOs exist, where, what is the evidence and why?

what evidence is there that ufos exist, how do we know, what makes people think about ufos? where and when are they spotted? and why?i have to do an essay… There is something out there, but has it walked been on Earth? or something on those lines and ive read a lot but i really […]

Where can i download free essays with proper refrences?

my assignment due on this friday and i have 2 other essays to do so i need faster way to finish them all on time, is anyone know any good and large resources website with proper referencing on the projects? would be very helpful. thanks