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I always get an adrenaline rush when finishing an essay last minute, how can I get it two weeks before?

its now 4.53 am its due tomorrow at 12 and after 2 weeks of researching and trying to write something down, finaly i am able to put pen to paper/fingers to keys and just get it done. course im exhausted, barely conscious and completely stressed out. does anyone else find this and how can I […]

When citing your essay title in a reflection of your own essay, do you underline it?

In a sentence, if you say your essay title in a reflection, does it have to be put in quotes or anything else?

Should you spell out or write numbers in English essays when you’re listing examples?

I don’t know which is more appropriate for my English essay:There are a few assumptions that one who is viewing this picture can make out of speculation from this: first, they do not know anything about how this man became homeless, assume he is a drug addict and therefore cannot trust him with their money, […]

I love science and would love to be a GP when I am older but I’m not good at science?

I love science, I find it fun to learn about the human body, diseases, illnesses etc. I also love helping people. But I’m not very good at science. I’m in top set but whilst everyone get level 6a’s and level 7′s I got a level 6b. I was upset because it put me down as […]

When are quadratic equations used in real life?

I have a project where I have to write a 5 page essay about quadratic equations. I have heard about people using them for missiles in the army, and satellite dishes. If you have any information, please, PLEASE, help me.

Is there an entry essay when applying to the university of Puerto Rico en Humacao?

I’ve been searching online to see if there is a required essay, but have had no luck in finding specifications. If anyone knows for sure, it’d be great.

When taking the Literature and Composition AP English exam, are you allowed to type up your essay?

or is it required to be hand-written?

How can i increase my hand’s endurance when writing long essays?

My hand cramps after i write a lot in school. How can i make this happen less?

1 inch margins on all side, but when I print, top and bottom are 1 and 1/2 inch?

My essay has to be 1 inch on all sides. Using Microsoft WORKS, I put 1 inch on top, 1 inch on the bottom, 1 inch on the left, 1 inch on the right.When I print, the right and left margins are correct, 1 inch, but the top and bottom are 1 and 1/2 inches […]

What do i do when ive really upset my girlfriend and shes serious about a breakup?

So basically theres a group that i go the pub with and about 3-4 months ago this girl split up with here bf who was part of this group … like 6 weeks ago me and this girl got talking but didnt mean anything to get serious but then we started to like eachother quite […]