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What’s the best way in approaching a college essay?

once i conceive the idea, i brainstorm and think of all my answers, then i try and sort my answers into paragraphs. i write the body first and the intro and conclustion last.IS THERE A GOOD SIMPLE STRUCTURE TO FOLLOW IN WRITING AN ACADEMIC ESSAY?

Whats a good topic for a discursive essay?

i have to write a discursive essay for my int 2 english, but im struggling to think of a topic. any suggestions?

What’s the connection between light, waves and color?

I have to do 10 essays over christmas break and this is one of the many topics. The essay has to be 5 paragraphs so I need some info.

Is it worth failing the class to stand up for what’s wrong?

My history teacher is racist. He’s usually very subtle about it, but if you listen closely you can tell he is VERY xenophobic, too. Yesterday we were having a discussion about immigration and he said (loudly) “America has too many mexicans. We need to deport all mexicans IMMEDIATELY!” I got a little confused, so I […]

What’s the big genre word for words like “warmness”, “stressful”, “painful” etc?

Are these words “feelings” or “emotions”? I’m not sure what to call them.I’m trying to write an essay on a book, I’m not sure if I should say,”The book XXX establishes “feelings” such as warmness, stressful ect. to the readers” or “emotions” Is there a proper word for this type of words? Thank you so […]

What’s a good title for an essay about the role of hallucinations in Macbeth?

My working title is “Hallucinations in Macbeth”, which is what the essay is about, but my teacher always wants our titles to be “interesting”

What’s the best sci-fi you have ever read in the essay form?

Dune by Frank Herbert

What’s a good attention getter for an essay/speech about good luck?

I’m writing a speech about the time I won a big cash prize, but I can’t think of a good attention getter. Help me! ;-; User tags:good attention getters for the great gatsbyattention getter for the great gatsby

What’s a good question to base an essay about suicide on?

I’m writing an argumentative essay on suicide and I need to come up with a question to answer in my essay. I’d really appreciate any suggestions.

Whats the word Im looking for?

consequently, with all these similarities and differences in mind. Both young men are disillusioned by thinking they have feelings for these girls and (do something to solidify in their own minds that its proving their feelings for them[the girls]) Can you reword the parenthesized part to make sense for an essay. I’m at a loss […]