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What makes people “sink or swim”? english essay?

i have to write an essay on what makes people metaphorically “sink or swim”. i was thinking about writing about friends and how they can do both but im not really sure what specefic examples to use. i was thinking maybe using a song but im not sure what one? if anyone could maybe help […]

Can someone explain to me what the passage is saying? what am i supposed to do?

Consider carefully the issue discussed in the following passage, then write an essay that answers the question posed in the assignment.passage:Many among us like to blame violence and immorality in the media for a “decline in morals” in society. Yet these people seem to have lost touch with logic. Any objective examination shows that our […]

What does Witchcraft have to do with the Crucible? Not asking to spoonfeed, just need 1 reason.?

Im not asking you to write the whole essay on it. i just need 1 reason on how does witchcraft have to do with Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. I’ve been sitting here for an hour, and i cant think of anything. thanks.

What arethe characteristics of a Deposit Insurance scheme and its pros and cons in promoting banking stability?

meant to write an essayjust trying to gather some toughts

What are some examples of irony in Jane Austen’s “Emma”?

I have to write an essay for my Eng 217 class about Jane Austen’s book, “Emma”.This is the exact assignment:• “Write a short essay about Austen’s use of irony in the parallel examples of Emma’s and Mrs. Weston’s infatuations with Harriet and Jane, respectively. Use, as your starting point, Mrs. Weston’s exchange with Emma in […]

What Is Writing To You?

I’m am a junior taking AP Literature. My teacher stresses constantly the importance of good essay writing and that if you’re just writing random garble, it’s not writing. I want to prove a point that writing is writing regardless. Let us say that you’ve had tons of novels published, but yet have never had an […]

What do children make in China?

so i am doing this essay on child labor in China and i wanted to know what products do children make in China? i looked around some but i only found world wide things not just China…. who ever comes up with the most helpful thing will get 10 points! (but they have to be […]

What are some subtopics i could talk about for recycling?

I am doing an argumentative essay on recycling and water pollution. Anyone have any tips on some different things I could talk about. Something big enough for a 10-20 sentence paragraph for each suptopic. Thanks =)

I am writing a essay on “The Truman’s show” so, can anybody help get some ideas what to write. Thanks?

I think a very intersting angle would be to elaborate on the religious symbolism which has been embedded into the movie…for example:Truman Show – “True Man” (Gnosticism)…the characters names ex: Christoff…from “Christ” but their name is meant in a derogatory way, Moses (Bible name),Sophia, Laura (means of the woods = Gnosticism)the show itself = about […]


I need to do an essay of him in spanish, but idk how to start a hook please help!