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Slaves in Athens and Sparta, were there differences? Help help?

I am writing a history essay and I want the topic to be about slaves in Ancient Greece. I don’t know what my “question” to investigate on should be. I could make the question ‘How were slaves treated in Ancient Greece in Athens?’ or something liked ‘How were slaves treated in Sparta compared to slaves […]

What were the effects of Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring”?

I’m writing an essay, and it’s due tomorrow! Please help me! I need to know what influence the novel had on today’s society, and how it changed people’s viewpoints.

What were the legal rights of married women in england around the 1800s?

i need information about what married women were limited to. For example, could they own property? could they have full custody of their kids? im writing an essay on Heart of Darkness and i am talking about how the Great Aunt is suppressed. Please help! thank you

What were common views held on human nature in the middle ages?

I have a essay about Lothario dei Segni (Pope Innocent III)’s “On the Misery of the Human Condition” and Pico Della Mirandola’s “Oration on the dignity of man”. I need to account for their different views in their individual pieces but I cant find anywhere about common views held in the middle ages. Can anyone […]

What were punishments for people against Hitler in WWII?

Like if people were to talk negatively about him, how would they be punished? details please, for an essay

Why do religious believers think that the 10 plagues in Egypt were miracles?

I really need help for my essay, as I am not a believer myself!

How can i say this… took place in the streets of verona were the surrounding people took part in the fued?

its an english essay romeo and juliet

What were some similarities and differences between the leadership of Julius Ceasar and Napolean Bonaparte?

For global we are learning about Napolean and we have to write an essay comparing him with another leader and i saw that he was similar to Ceasar. Could anyone help elaborate or have anything i could use?i would greatly appreciate it!thank you =D

I am 14 and i was wondering if there were any tirps to anywhere I could win? through poems and essays?

thanks anything is greatly

Help with Their Eyes Were Watching God Essay Question?

Compare and contrast Janie’s three marriages. What initially pulls her to each of the three men?How do they differ from one another? What does she learn from each experience?I don’t want you to write the whole essay for me, I just need the basics to help me write my essay paper.Thanks a Bunch