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Went to the library in order to find a book that would improve my writing…but?

I want to improve my writing level. I don’t want to write stories or be a poet or anything like that. All I want is to imropve the way I write in Emails, messeges, blogs and even questions and answers here on Yahoo! Answers. I make so many grammatical errors. I also have some problems […]

The day your neighbor asked you to look after her young baby while she went into town.?

I can’t get any ideas about this essay topic..Any help or suggestion will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

How to start off an essay by saying where you went?

For example if you went to the museum this weekend, i would say ” this weekend i went to the _______ _________ Museum.” But i’ve already used that one last week… Any help? Thanks in advance(:

Well, today was amazing, then I went to volleyball practice.?

I got assigned to work with my crush on a social studies project, started an essay i never thought I could for a essay contest, then went to practice where I couldn’t serve over hand. Again. I play volleyball with two of my crushes sisters and one of his other sisters is the coach so […]

Dell Laptop Screen went completely black and now won’t restart?

I had just finished writing an essay (that’s due in 3 hours), when my laptop screen went completely black. The laptop was still running because the music was playing. After waiting for a few minutes and moving the mouse around, the screen was still completely black so I forced shut down. When I restarted, the […]