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Can you made a persuasive essay with 5 paragraph about education pr show me the website have it?

a persuasive essay? go

A good blogging website?

Right so i’ve been looking for a website which hosts free bloggs so i can…well blog…and basically just write some poetry/free-thought essays as a way to vent out, but i want other people to be able to read it.I’m looking for something similar to yahoo answers where other people can actually like read my stuff, […]

I can’t remember the name of a certain website… could you PLEASE help me?!?

It’s a website that uses wiki to write essays for you. I remember the background of it was green and the example topic was the civil war. i think i remember a big green button that says “GO” but im unsure. I can’t find it and it’s making me so mad! School starts tomorrow and […]

How do I internally cite this website?

[external link] …it is in an essay. MLA format only

A good website to get information on Saul of Tarsus/ Saint Paul?

I’m doing an essay and I need some help so anything except wiki! And can anyone tell me did he ever make it to Rome? And where and how did he die?

Argumentative essay about myschool website?

I need an essay done by tomorrow. but im really busy today and i have another powerpoint to do by tomorrow. can you guys help me? ;Dok um, the question is “Should the government have published individual school rankings and results?”and its totally up to you if you’re are supporting or against it thanks guys

Is there a website that I can find a list of Important events in American History 1865 to present day?

I have to write a History Essay and I need a topic. I’m supposed to write about something in American History from 1865 to Present day. I was just looking for somewhere where I can see a list of important events in American History so I can choose my topic.

How would one integrate a quotation from a website into an essay?

I need to use current MLA standards and I’m not sure who the author is or what the page number is.

Cultural tattoos and body piercings….whats the best website to find facts?

Writing an expository essay for a college class…I need facts reguarding what the tattoos meant, what the differences were between men and womens tattoos, and how they have changed over the years….or even a certain culture or tribe would help out greatly!

What is a good website concerning both sides of the debate of immigration?

i am trying to do a persuasive essay on why should the United States grant some kind of way for immigrants to become legalized here. Is there any website you can recommend?…thank you