wars essays

What are some examples from Star Wars: A New Hope that can relate Darth to Satan?

I’m writing an essay and I am comparing Darth Vader to the biblical figure of Satan and need some specific examples that tie these two figures together.

List of wars due to religion differences?

what are some of the wars/terrorism that has happened due to religion issues? or has religion differences involved? i know bits and pieces of it but need to know a bit more to add as strong examples for my essay on importance of religion

SHort essays for world history Wars?

*** How did the practice of liberty and equality change liberty ad equality change with rise of communism beginning in 1917? (10.8BD, 10.17)***What were the political and economic effects of the spread of communism between 1917 and 1990? (10.8BD, 10.14)***What were the cause and results of the World Wars? (10.09)***How was society affected by totalitarian […]

Which Star Wars movie can be compared to George Orwell’s 1984?

- have to write an essay comparing 1984 to any Star Wars Movie for my grade 12 English class. Although I’m familiar with the films I’m having a tough time finding 3 common elements in either! I’d greatly appreciate ANY help! Thanks!

‘A study of the history of medicine shows that wars have done more to help medicine than hinder it.’?

To what extent would you agree with this statement? History essay. I know the stuff, i just don’t know how to word it. Help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Have to do an essay on Proxy wars in Africa. Any suggestions?

Got this essay to do on Proxy wars in Africa during the cold war. Angola and Mozambique are well known, are there any other?