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Writing An Essay On Why I Want To Be A Cheerleader?

So my school is having tryouts for cheerleading on april 5-8 and i have to write an essay on why i want to be a cheerleader. Help me!

Split with girlfriend 3 months ago need some advice, I love her but I dont want to only ever have 1 girlfriend?

I was with my ex-girlfriend for 1 and a half years she was my first proper girlfriend we split up 3 months ago because, I started playing the field. Although I never cheated on her I wanted to and thats why I broke it off with her, i didnt want to be unfaithful to her […]

I want to write and publish a book– a collection of essays or reflections. What do I need to do to start?

Books of a spiritual, self-growth or inspirational matter are among my favorites and I think I have the skill, research resources and interest to write one of my own. I just don’t know anything about the publishing side of books. Can you give me some advise?

I want to get into an Ivy League School. Please help me?

Hi I wanna know if anyone can give me ANY tips so I can get accepted in to any of the Ivy League schools.I wanna go to any of these:HarvardYaleUniversity of PennsylvaniaColumbiaBrown CornellPrincetonGetting into an Ivy League school is my DREAM. I want to be a pediatric cardiovascular surgeon. Yeah, I know it will take […]

I just want to quit studies all together, just can’t take this burden! please help!?

Well,, I’m a post-grad student at university. This is my first semester of post-grad and its intimidating. The whole semester is gone with those huge horrible Essay writing assignments and exams start in 2 weeks. Again have to write essays. I don’t know what the hell i need to do, I’m not good at writing […]

I want some psychological advice?

I am a good student and a good person. My Grandfather was a capitalist in Public of China (no People in the title). However,1. My father’s property was confiscated by Communist Party. Also he was discriminated because he was consider as a capitalist. A few day before he died, he still babbled that someone in […]

Help ! i want essay on money is not everything please help me!?

my teacher ha given me a debate topic on money is not everything and i am not able to find it in the net help me please give me a essay on it or please give me the site in which i can find it i.’ll be grateful to him or her

What would you want to hear?

Writing a creative essay for school. If you were being chased in the woods and fell getting knocked out… Then a sweethearted handsome/goreous girl/guy found you and helped you… What would you want them to say to comfort you and let you thats its all okay.

I want an essay on ‘Uses and abuses of phones(including mobiles)’..please help me quickly.?

I want the points.Expanding is ok..i will do it. Please help me to write that essay..it will help me in a debate also.

Shall anyone help me with this, please! 10 points for sure!? if u dun want to answer it, please just leave it!?

Shall anyone help me to write the following website of essay in another way, please! Just the first 4 paragraphs, i will figure out the rest of it, please! 10 points for sure! I really get stuck for these, shall anyone starts with the first four paragraphs then i can follow yr style of writting […]