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Could i get into the University of Virginia, Duke, or Wake Forest?

so i really wanna go to duke or UVA for pre med. heres my resumeive made a 2240 on the SAT, i have a 3.70 on the 4.0 scale, my school doesnt do weighted gpas. We also dont do honors or APs till jr year, and i took two honors and two aps and had […]

How would you describe Virginia Woolf’s State of mind in the essay The Death Of A Moth?

she was smoking crack at the time(but back then they called it heroin) and her lover was dead from auto-erotic asphyxiation(but back then they called it small-pox).. she was happy about her mother going off to college(but back then they called it a whore house) and her sister was making her angry about the state […]

Do you need to write an essay to apply to virginia tech?

I don’t know you should ask the Virginia Tech themeselves.

The generall history of virginia question!?!?!?!?!?

PLEASE HELP ME WITH THAS MANY OF THESE QUESTIONS AS YOU CANthese are all questions from “the generall history of virginia” by john smith-at the end of john smiths account, he has a narrow escape, he also has some possitive experiences that convince him to stay in virginia, in a short essay describe his narrow […]

What are my chances for WEST VIRGINIA or OHIO STATE Universities?

Hello there. I am an international student who finished up the high school in NC as an exchange student and currently graduated from CUNY BMCC with an Engineering Science Degree. The thing is I want to transfer to either Ohio State or West Virginia University for Industrial and System management Engineering and Kind of worried […]

How does George from “Who’s afraid of virginia woolf” compare to Yury Andreyevich Zhivago from”Doctor Zhivago”?

Please people I have an essay tom that i really need some help in! . Please i would really aprreciate if i got some help. I truly would

Help with AP history? its about the Virginia Ratification Convention?10 points!?

i need to write an essay, here’s the prompt: It is September of 1787 and you have just been selected as a member of the Virginia Ratification Convention. The votes are now tied and I am the tie-breaking vote. Using your skillful art of persuasion, persuade me to join your side of the argument. what […]

Will I get in to the University of Virginia?

I come from a very competitive nationally ranked high school and my grades are average for the students here. I have a 3.7 weighted GPA and a 1600 SAT score (I know its very low) I have over 500 community service hours, a great internship in the field of my major, I am sports editor […]

What would Charles Darwin think about Winchester, Virginia?

I have to write a 3-Page report on the above topic. Someone please help me, I’m not asking you to write me an whole essay, just for some tips. Its supposed to be an MLA format. Any help would be appreciated.Personally, I think its insane, this is probably the worst topic ever.

Virginia Tech Essay Optional?

I was looking around and I saw that Virginia Tech doesn’t require a personal statement.Is this true? That it can only benefit me if I write one