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Help with good Vietnam and Iraq topics for English essay?

my english teacher is having our class write about any topic on the Vietnam and Iraq war. I need help finding a good topic. User tags:write an essay in which you persuade your local townspeople that a certain new law should be put into place in your essay provide an explanation of the law you […]

I have and in class essay tom, and idk who to blame for vietnam?

i have 5 choices, truman, eisenhower, kennedy, johnson, or nixon?WHO DO I BLAME FOR THE VIETNAM WAR, i have to include a name date person and a place and include 2 specific examples.please help i have no idea and its tommrwo!

Reasons why Australia should of been involved in the Vietnam War?

Okay, so i’m writing an essay on whether Australia should of been involved in the Vietnam war and i’m for Australia being involved in the war. What are some points regarding why Australia Should of been involved in the War:Please do not include the following points i already have these points- Needed to support America […]

Essay on vietnam war and ideological differences?

My essay topic is:”The 1960′s was a decade characterised by ideological differences which divided the world, causing conflict and turmoil. Discuss the Vietnam War as a good example of this.”I don’t want an essay as a answer, i’m just not sure where to start so if anyone has any ideas please help! What are example […]

What good came from the Vietnam war? D:?

ihave to write an essay from the hawk point of view, which is pro war for viet .ihave no clue what to write cause i was against it…onlything i can think of is fight against communism ):

What was life like in Saigon during the Vietnam War?

How was daily life? Impression, Educations, Government, ect. More the details the better! This is for a Essay Report due in 3 days. THNX

What were President Johnson’s real reasons for sending troops to vietnam?

I am doing an essay on the Vietnam War. I know President Johnson didn’t tell America his real reasons for sending troops to Vietnam. Do you know what they are? Please give websites so I kind also find this information.

[If you were in Vietnam it would be helpful]?

The instructions:Saigon has been taken by communist forces- the war is at an end. You were a U.S. soldier in Vietnam from 1970-1971; you are dead- killed in action during the war. You have the rare opportunity to write one letter to the American people from the grave. You want to let them know what […]

How many civilians were killed in the Vietnam war?

I’m doing a massive essay for gcse history and need to know how many civilians were killed in the vietnam war by the US army and vietcong.

Essay writing: Why did the US lose the Vietnam war?

I have to write a timed essay for a history exam. what should be the three main points i should discuss?I was thinking: -opposition to the war – cost of the VW -warfare and tacticsHow could i answer this question in the three body paragraphsThanks