video essays

What would you say the form and function of a video game(console) would be?

I have a rough draft essay due tomarrow, and it based on definition. We have a few choices we can pick so I chose Video game. I have to have an extended definition on that and he also want’s to know the form and function. What would you say?

Short video clips on sexuality and factors affecting it…?

I need a short (not more than 10 minutes) video on factors affecting sexuality that I can show as part of a presentation to my class. The thesis for the essay and presentation is the effects that social pressure, cultural convention, and technological advancement have on human sexual behaviour. The video can be related to […]

I need help making up a video game please read?

I need to write an essay about a game any game i would like to play. and to explain how you would change the rules or even create a whole new game. and to use details and examples so a person who has never played your game will understand. I need help and it is […]

I am doing a persuasive essay about video games and violence any suggestions?

I need topics for a 10 page paper about why video games are bad?

the topic I have so far are -addiction-social development-increase aggressive behaviorthis is my final paper in my college composition 1 classits a comparative essay explain why video games are bad and what needs to be done to prevent negative influence from video games.I need a couple more topic ideas, but I’m not exactly sure what […]

Writing a video game essay?

In my computers class at school i have to write a six page paper on the future of gaming. We can look as far ahead into the future as we would like, but then you have to talk about how video games are today.this is really hard for me and if i fail i fail […]

What are some reasons people might believe that video games “rot your brain”?

I am trying to write a persuasive essay that suggests video games make one smarter. In order to make it persuasive I need to first know what might be argued counter to this idea. So what reasons might someone think video games dumb people down?And if you happen to have a source to some opposing […]

What are some Objections to Violent video games making people more aggressive?

I am doing a persuasive essay in my English class about Violent Video games. Can anyone give me some objections to violent Video games causing aggresive behavior? Anything would be helpful really. Thank you Very Much!

Violent Video game essay. Please help. Very urgent.?

I am writing a 5 paragraph essay on violent video games and how they have a negative affect on young children. My key points(could be changed) are bad influence, changes children’s thoughts are reality, later life affects. Can you please help me with supporting details and maybe a strong opening and closing?Opinion and facts are […]

How can i link ethnocentrism to culture relativism ? can someone give me examples like an article or video ?

i was suppose to write an essay about ethnocentrism and culture relativism using an article or video but i do not see the link between the two. so can someone please give an article or video about it