underline essays

Antigone is a tragic play. If using it in an essay, do we underline it or use quotation marks?

If you are referencing the work itself, you would either italicize or underline. If you are quoting text from the work, you will use quotations marks.

When citing your essay title in a reflection of your own essay, do you underline it?

In a sentence, if you say your essay title in a reflection, does it have to be put in quotes or anything else?

Can you underline in essays…?

to exaggerate a word? or do you italicize them? or do you have to leave them alone and hope the reader emphasizes that particular word?

When typing an essay do you put the title of a book in quotations or do you underline it?

When typing do you put the title of the book in quotations or do you underline the title?What about when writing by hand?

Do you have to underline or put in quotes for series of books?

please hurry! I need my essay to be finished by today.PS:: example: Harry Potter series

Do you underline or italicize the name of the book in the title of your own essay?

When you title your essay/paper: Analysis of Grapes Of Wrath, for example, do you underline or italicize the name of the novel?

Do you underline book titles in essays?

I have to write a book report for school and i want to do it in the summer so i dont have to later… do I need to underline book titles or do I quote them?

Do you underline the name of a photograph in an essay?

depends on how famous it is…usually you underline:moviesbooks/novelsplaysnewspapersmagazinesbandswhile you would used quotation marks for:poetryshort storiessongsarticlesessay titlesi’d go with quotes…

When quoting from a poem do you italics, underline, or ” “, in a typed essay?

You never italic! you always do ” “