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Chances of getting admitted to UCLA?

I am Mexican Top 2% of my class Taken 3 AP Classes: Spanish Language, Biology and US History: 5′s on each of them (Junior Year) Taking 5 AP Tests this may (Senior Curseload + 1 by myself (AP Spanish Lit) SAT Subject Tests: 800 Spanish, 750 Molecular Bio, 740 US History SAT I: CR:610 Math:730 […]

UCLA, UCSB, UCI, UCSD: Exams for courses?

At these University of California schools, do most of the professors believe in multiple choice, short answer, fill in the blank, or essay tests? If there is a combination, state the combination…I was just curious…— elaborate on your answer please***** I will give the stars to the best answer.

Can I get into Top Schools (UCLA, Cal, Stanford, Columbia etc.)?

I am a sophomore in high school, but I am currently studying abroad. Here is where I currently stand.Freshman Year:World History (H) (Pre IB) A/AGeometry (H) A/AFrench 2 A/AEnglish 1 (H) A/ABiology (H) B+/B+ (89% both semesters)Research and Technology (one sem. required) ASoccer for both high school and club, CSF, Assistance League, French ClubSophomore:English 2(H): […]

What do you need for acceptance into UCLA?

What does UCLA look for, in terms of GPA, SAT, and extra curriculars? What is the “model student” (one that would likely be accepted)? And how important are the individual pieces, like the essay, extra curriculars, GPA, and SAT scores?

Will I be able to get into UC Berkeley or UCLA?

I am a U.S. citizen who lived in the U.S.(California to be specific) until the 8th grade. I moved to India and have since been attending 9th-12th(i.e. high school) to get exposure in a different study environment and system. My SAT scores are 2240/2400, I am house captain(i.e. member of student council) at school, play […]

Do I have a shot at UCLA? Responses appreciated! :D?

I’m curious about my chances at getting into UCLA.I am a pretty good student. Solid GPA and ECs I guess.Well I am basically asking what my chances are considering my stats/activities/etc.Here they are:I am a will be a senior in high school beginning this fall.My GPA as of now is a 3.71 Unweighted and a […]

Please HELP! I was rejected AGAIN from UCLA! Please read details & give me your opinions.?

I got rejected from UCLA the first time I applied in 2006 when I was a high school senior. I understand why I was rejected that time, I had a 3.4, so my GPA was obviously not that high. After my rejection, I went to another university for 2 years. I then transferred all of […]

Do I Have a Good Chance Getting into UCLA?

I’m a Saudi ( I know that I’m behind California residents and Americans now that I’m an international student), it’s my senior year.-I’m maintaining a 3.8 GPA if we want to calculate it according to the way you calculate it in the US.-I’ve got a struggle to write about in the essay and that’s coping […]