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Is reading onlire manga scans that are translated from Japanese legal?

I’m applying for college essays and I wanted to cite IS as a meaningful book for me. I have only read the scanned versions (because I can only read English) and I was wondering if that violates copyright laws? I’ve been searching for the laws, but I haven’t had any luck. Any help you could […]

Ok, i’m writing an essay on Beowulf (Translated by Burton Raffel ) On the usage of light vs dark.. and?

I’ve done my introductory paragraph, and im getting stuck on the 3 body paragraphs which are used to prove how light vs dark is used in this story. Please help me think of how its used and how to explain it! It would help a lot. Thanks.

Several different ways that RNA transcript is modified before it is translated into a protein?

This is for a AP biology practice essay.I’m having a really hard time with this, and I’m still looking around sites and stuff but it would be really great if someone could help me out a bit, even just an outline of what to talk about. Please help!

Essays on the lives of birds and animals which is translated in hindi?

lives of birds and animals essays translated in hindi User tags:how to behave with animals in hindihow to behave with animals and birds in hindihow we should behave with animals in hindiessay how to behave with animals and birds in hindiessay on how to behave with animals in hindi

What is an essay,short story,or poem that is in Spanish but not translated into English?

you could just get the thing in english then go to igoogle and translate it to spanish.