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USC transfer ESSAY 500-700 words required. Is 460 words ok?

Well I just wrote the essay for USC. I know they require 500-700 words, but they said they’re “not too big on word count.” Do you think 460 words, or a little less than 500 would jeopardize my chance of being accepted? Thanks.

Is this a good personal statement on a transfer app. question is why are my grades not a reflection of me.?

I could sit here and write this essay and try to make up elaborate excuses as to why my grades in High School don’t properly reflect my academic potential, but instead I am going to just state the truth. i was immature, unprepared and too stubborn my senior year to do the proper work that […]

Chances of admission to UT Austin as a transfer?

Hi everyone!I am currently majoring in Civil Engineering at a university not in Texas. I am beginning my transfer app for UT Austin & TAMU and was wondering several things:1. What is a good GPA to have if I am aiming to transfer as a civil major?2.For general admission, everything is considered (gpa, essays, etc.), […]

Transfer to Stanford?

I got a 3.0 in high school but instead of going off to the single college I got into I decided to go to a community college. Cheaper, I knew I wanted to transfer anyways, I love my job that I have…I got a 3.6 and a 34 on my ACT (34 math, 34 english, […]

Is it possible for me to get into UNC Chapel Hill as an out of state transfer student with these stats?

High school GPA = 3.4 (I went to a magnet high school so that caused it)College GPA = 4.0 (after my 1st year), currently I am a second year student.SAT score = 2170 (would retake if necessary)Type of college = ranked as “tier 4″ by US news and report but has a good reputation in […]

How do I transfer colleges and change major with a low gpa?

Ive been doing engineering over the last 2 years and my gpa is a 2.67. I’m not really enjoying anything that i’m doing. I also don’t like the college i’m going to. I go to a private engineering college in Illinois.The thing is that I tried to transfer back to my home state (University of […]

Transfer process help? Im freaking out! please helppp?

Im applying as a transfer to 4 different colleges. I need essays, recommendations, highschool transcrips, and my college transcripts.Okay. Problem is, I haven’t submitted my applications yet because im not done with the essays BUT my highschool already submitted my highschool transcripts >_