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Help with good Vietnam and Iraq topics for English essay?

my english teacher is having our class write about any topic on the Vietnam and Iraq war. I need help finding a good topic. User tags:write an essay in which you persuade your local townspeople that a certain new law should be put into place in your essay provide an explanation of the law you […]

What are some good topics as to writing an essay about causes and effects of that topic?

Any ideas? Please help! Thank you~!

I am writing an essay for my ged I need topics?

I’m doing a practice test for my ged and I’m about to do my essay but I have no topic in mind.If anybody has gone to take there ged tell me your topics please.If not just tell me a good topic you have In mind. thanks for your help.

Compare and contrast essay topics?

it has be like:gift or giftcardsipod touch or ipod nanothings that teens are intrested in and things you buy.we cant have the same topic but we can think of anything, but i can not think or anything to do my essay on.any ideas? 10 points best answer.

What are some topics for an essay on eating disorders?

I know that this is a broad question, but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what sort of essay topics could be proposed concerning eating disorders. Preferably concerning the psychology of eating disorders.thanks so much

What are some good Controversial Essay topics?

abortionsexismanimal rights/animal testingwarmedia’s depiction of womenassisted suicideatheismbattered womenalcoholics (legal drinking age, DUI, all that can fit into this)racismminimum wage/child laborover populationsex lawssextingplastic surgerychild abusesex traffickingglobal warming/pollutioncloningthe death penaltyrainforest preservationdress codesdrug testingold people/social securitysex edabstinenceevolution/intelligent designsexual harrassmentsmokingfree condoms in schoolsteroidsgamblinggay rights/gay bashing/gay marriageswearingteen pregnancygenocidevegans/vegetariansgun controlrape-does it deserve the death penaltyman on the moon conspiracyhuman rightsthe insanity […]

Essay topics or thesis statement ideas for the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers?

I need some inspiration after reading the novel…I was thinking maybe something to do with metamorphosis of characters like Gandalf or the conflicting sides of Gollum, any suggestions?

Help with ethics essay topics?

I have to write a short essay about a current ethical issue that has something to do with communication or PR, or a closely related field like advertising, marketing, or social media. Any suggestions for an interesting topic? I can’t seem to find any recent, relevant topics. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Argumentative essay topics?

I have to write a 1250-1500 word essay in about 5-6 hours, I’m also terrible at essays, what are some good easy topics that I can write about?

A Persuasive Essay, I need Topics To write about?

hii have english and my teacher wants us to write a persuasive essay about any topic. But something that’s happening now, she prefers. Can you give me some topics that have alot of information and pictures and examples? also can you give me a topic that’s interesting as well. ThanksI wanted to do Ocean Pollution. […]