tongue essays

Can’t remember the word on the tip of my tongue?

The word I need to write in an essay. It’s on the tip of m tongue but can’t remember it… It’s a specific word, which means ‘a clear voice inside our head’. Something like an inspiration. You get a sudden realization of what’s correct for you because of this voice.

What is the effect of an extended metaphor? specifically for the poem search for my tongue if you know it?

im doing an English essay and my teacher has set it as homework whilst she has been sick with the flu and i need to include the effects of an extended metaphor in the poem search for my tongue… if u dont know the poem can u please just try to explain the effect it […]

Essay how to talk your mom into geting a tongue piercing?

im 15 i want one so bad can u make me a good essay

Help me with the word that is on the top of my tongue but i can’t get it?

so i am writing an essay for a scholarship and i can’t get to the word that i am thinking here is the sentence that i am stuck on so far:I have always been creative but now I have really been required to think outside of the box and needs to be something […]