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I just want to quit studies all together, just can’t take this burden! please help!?

Well,, I’m a post-grad student at university. This is my first semester of post-grad and its intimidating. The whole semester is gone with those huge horrible Essay writing assignments and exams start in 2 weeks. Again have to write essays. I don’t know what the hell i need to do, I’m not good at writing […]

How should i link 2 paragraphs about different poems together in an essay?

I am writing an essay about ‘how war poetry i have studied refelcts changing attitudes to warfare’. I have talked about one poem and am about to write an analysis of the other but what should i write to link and compare them.Thankss!

How does hitler, great depression, world war 2, and women’s rights all fit together?

Hi! i’m doing a report on how women were treated in 1930′d and i no that hitler started world war 2. and i think the women were employeed because men were being drafted and they needed to get jobs to support there familys but like how do they all fit together. i want a good […]

How can I interpret the theme of “How communities work together as a team”?

Can I please get some ideas on how I can interpret this theme in a short film, photograph, painting or essay.

Occasions when and why colleagues need to work together? essay question and im stuck need 400 words?

Think about a doctors surgery.The receptionist has to do the bookings to keep the doctor busy, but not with minor problems or serious injuries (that need an ambulance). So by working together, the doctor makes the most effective use of his time and skills. This is also true for a surgeon – he needs the […]

Nickelodeon needs to get their shitt together and get their ratings up by looking at the suggestion below,?

hey arnold season six? what if a came bak with a season six? well, i for one would like that very much, after all i am a hey arnold fan. but think about it, what are we really asking for, 20 more episodes of arnold helping his friends, thats all this series was really about. […]

Do you think we’ll ever be together?

Theres this guy, he’s a grade above me and almost a year older than me (Well litteraly he’s 3, he’s born on a leapyear ) okay so we have classes such as drama, business, heath etc together and I really think I’m in love with him but I’m not sure if he feels the same […]

What a good phrase that describes 2 things that naturally go together?

It’s for a formal essay. Preferably humorous.