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How was the war portrayed through the media back home?

for ww1 english essay please help?

Poll- Have you ever been/affected by a bully? open to all ages toddlers through senior citizens?

So, I am writing an essay on hazing (bullying), and I need facts about how often it occurs. There are websites online that show statistics, however, I thought it would help strengthen my essay if I dug up my own facts. Any help?

ALL NIGHTER! How are memories conveyed through a camera?

PLEASE HELP ME. this is for my objective essay. my object is a camera and my topic is how memories are conveyed by it.i appriciate the help:)thanks to all that can.

I am 14 and i was wondering if there were any tirps to anywhere I could win? through poems and essays?

thanks anything is greatly

Critical Essay on Boy In The Striped Pyjamas. Why did he write it through the eyes of a nine-year-old?

I have to write an 850 word essay, it’s due tomorrow and I only have 514 words done- i have an introduction, brief summary of the plot, my views on Bruno’s misunderstanding of the train station part of the book and I have written a conclusion. I need some more things for the middle any […]

How do I an essay examining To Kill a Mockingbird through the lens of particular feminist literary theory?

I dont need an essay but the way and tips to write it coz I am really confusedThanks to anyone who tries to help

What is a good title for an essay about how authors weave their lives through their books?

“Fiction or autobiography: Where do authors draw the line?” is my suggestion.

Why do we spend money on educating kids all the way through high school?

What is the point of teaching ALL kids science, math, history, english, etc.?Most people don’t end up using those skills at any point in their life and most people will work in blue collar jobs or go to trade schools. Why not just allow students to choose to drop out of school or go to […]

When faced with conflict one’s true identity is revealed through the actions…….. please help!?

So, the thesis/topic for my essay isWhen faced with conflict one’s true identity is revealed through the actions he/she takes to successfully resolve the issue.I wanted to change it a bit, so how could i put this in my own words?I dont want to include “he/she” because it seems really awkward when reading, so any […]

Working through sleep deprivation?

I need to leave for an 8 hour shift in a busy post office in 2 & a half hrs even though I made the stupid mistake of staying up all night. I used to do this before school to write essays sometimes, or even just to experience the solitude & weird thoughts which sleep […]