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Othello Essay , 2 Quotes in Act 1 what reveals Roderigos Thoughts & Feelings? Help Please!?

I am nearly finished on my essay of 600 words i just need to know what other language is used to Reveal Roderigos thoughts and feelings I have ” Thick-Lips owe” which is used as racism. I just need 1 more. Thanks An it must be in Act 1! Thanks

Thoughts on john mills essay on liberty , was he right or wrong ?

with regards to freedom of speech

What are your thoughts on Pro Life, and Pro Choice?

Im writing a research essay on this topic, and I just wanna know how others feel about it =]

I’m feeling so betrayed, how do I got about this?(Anybody who has loved and lost, please share your thoughts)?

I will try not to make my detail an essay, but my first boyfriend has been consuming my mind. To make this story short, I am a girl who fell hard for her first love. After learning alot about what was unhealthy about our relationship and my boyfriend, I chose to end the relationship shortly […]

God doesn’t exist essay topic. Thoughts?

We have to write a persuasive speech, and I want this as my topic. I really care about this topic, lots of passion for it. Is this a bad idea? Teacher said it was okay, I love the topic. What’s your guys opinion on me doing this. I’m not asking for religious views, just what […]

Your thoughts on Dr. Seuss essay: Daisy-Head Mayzie, paragraph 2?

2nd of a 2 paragraph essay I have to write for Language arts on 2 main themes in a Dr. Seuss books. no copying!Another main theme in the book is money can’t buy you happiness. After the daisy is not fixed by doctors or florists, a slick salesman has Mayzie sign a contract, saying it […]

What are your thoughts on my plan for bypassing the MCAT? Is it feasible?

Ok, I’m very much anti-standardized tests. As such, I am planning on taking the MCAT test on a whim for admission to medical school. Now let’s assume that I do poorly on the test. Would I still have a shot at getting in given the following qualifications? 1. GPA 3.97, summa *** laude, Health professions […]

Please would you give me your thoughts on what i have written or my essay so far?

Its only a rough draft and not anywhere near finished, i just want to know if i am on the right lines. Describe an episode in childhood which left you with either pleasant or unpleasant memories:-”I’ll never let go, Jack” lied Kate as she broke Leonardo’s frosty hand from hers and sent him on his […]

Constantly fed up, worrying, can’t turn off disturbing thoughts, getting worse .. Please respond? :?

(sorry i’m re posting this again; i didn’t get many replies)… :

What are your thoughts and reflections on this essay the federalist no. 51?

What is the most moving or persuasive passage in the essay?Would you be persuaded by the argument and have voted for ratification or not? Explain.