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How do I answer this scholarship essay?

“Scholarship, Service, Sisterly Love, and Finer Womanhood are the establishing priniciples of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. For more than 90 years these hallmarks of excellence have driven and directed many generation of Zeta Phi Beta members to work toward improving the lives of our race, serving in our communities, fostering respect of all cultures, […]

Can anyone help me edit the grammar and punctuation errors in this paragraph from my essay?

Next, I would choose to take my scrapbook which is filled with valuable photographs and letters from my friends and family. Pictures are significant to me because they seem to immortalize one moment in time and capture a memory. My friends and family are very important to me, and having a small piece of them […]

I AM DESPERATE! Fluent spanish speaker please please please help translate this into spanish for me please?!?

I am crying right now! I have lost my spanish textbook and all my materials! I already did an essay for spanish but my teacher said it had lots of mistakes and should start again. I cannot do it again without anything to use, plus all the spanish sites I have visited just use verbs […]

Is this a good essay?

My summer vacation of 2007 was a unique and rewarding experience. Instead of wasting time lounging at home or going to the mall, I decided to enroll in Long and Foster’s real estate licensing course. I know it’s unusual for a college student to go to school during summer break, but becoming a real estate […]

What do you think of this college application essay?

Around 7th or 8th grade, I started sliding from an agnostic to a full-blown atheist. It was no longer possible for me to believe in a god that would allow tragedies to happen, nor to ignore the evidence of evolution and creation presented by scientists. With my continued involvement in my church’s youth group, this […]

Can someone please give me feedback on this paragraph I wrote on Descartes?

So I have began my essay on criticizing Descartes’ way of escaping solipsism. I have finished my first paragraph, can I please get feedback or tips for another way I can also criticize it? Thanks! Descartes’ escape from solipsismDescartes’ parable of the wax that arises in his second meditation claims “…the perception of the wax […]

Does this spanish “essay” make sense?

My friend and I have to do a project in Spanish. We have to make a pressentation presenting 2 outfits we made and make a speech. Is it okay?Porque Espana es muy famasa por su HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, los gentes de Espana son mas “high class” y lo mas rico de los campos espanioles. Por eso, […]


iam supposed to write an essay in this topic.Explain hwo Kim jong il developed 3 of the flowing elements of totalitarian societies?1. strong military2. mass media3. educationthe question is am i supposed to write about the good thing he developed about these or not?thanks a lot

Could you comment on this introduction to a college essay for Boston College?

All this is is an introduction. I haven’t edited it at all. Over the course of life, humans incessantly ascertain life lessons to have a better and more fulfilling existence. These lessons could span from toddlers learning to share their toys in order to make others just as happy as they are to adolescents and […]

How horrible is this SAT score?

I’m a junior and I took the SAT earlier this month “just to see”. I took it completely cold, not studying or preparation at all. I didn’t even know how many sections of the test there were or how long it was! (At least I knew there would be an essay lol)soooOverall- 2020 Critical Reading- […]