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Throughout mI skool yrs, the awardz and distinctions continud 2 accrue. i waz singld out for mi chartmaking in fifth grd geography and a warded a special commendation for my Ode 2 Clio in da seventh grade “Muse Off” competiion (losing de 1st prize, disgracefulli, 2 ah poem in whic da word “pigtail” was spelled […]

What do you think of this college application essay?

Around 7th or 8th grade, I started sliding from an agnostic to a full-blown atheist. It was no longer possible for me to believe in a god that would allow tragedies to happen, nor to ignore the evidence of evolution and creation presented by scientists. With my continued involvement in my church’s youth group, this […]

Why do you think essays are stupid?

I’m writing an essay about it and I need ideas.

Can anyone help think of a thesis statement for a Pride and Prejudice essay?

It is a literary analysis essay, not a reflection. Any of these can help:1. List the themes and important aspects of the story2.Decide if you want to focus on theme, characters, action, motivation, etc.3. Choose 3 major ideas form your list that you want to focus on in your paper.4.Construct a sentence that has the […]

Why does thomas jefferson think rebelling is a good thing now and then?

I have to type an essay about his famous quote explaining the validity of his statement. This Due on monday October 31 and I really need help.

What do you think of my essay on the Gothic (i’m a uni student BTW)?

ITS JUST AN EXTRACT The Bloody Chamber” is saturated with taboo. “The Snow Child” (an obscure version of Snow White) does not fail to disappoint, this disturbing story deals with the darker side of humanity. The Count Makes three wishes all in the form of similes. (“A girl as white as snow”, “a girl as […]

Why do religious believers think that the 10 plagues in Egypt were miracles?

I really need help for my essay, as I am not a believer myself!

How do you all think tennis has developed in equipment, shots and psychology since its inception?

im doing an essay for part of my as levels and i have to have some research and have to have people from different generations answer so i was hoping to get as many people as possible to tell me how they think tennis has developed!:)please!

Help me revise this…. Its philo paper. I can’t think of a title. I’m looking to make it better..?

(FIRST PART THE ESSAY IS TO LONG TO PUT ON HERE)Explain and evaluate Socrates’ arguments in the Meno for and against the claim that virtue is knowledge and so teachable. How does he try to resolve the matter in the end of the dialogue? Which position seems most reasonable to you? Why?In Plato’s dialogue Socrates […]

PLEASE ANSWER! Do you think movies could be use to present a social problem and a possible solution?

For an essay I must do, I need to explain if I think that movies could be made with the purpose of helping the society understand social problems (alcoholism, suicide, assassinations, robbery, poverty) and to present some possible solutions.Even though many of the actors that are presented in the movie may know nothing of the […]