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Rwanda genocide, who helped intervene, why and they help (reasons:personal gain of something else)?

I need to know which states tried to help in the Rwanda genocide, they’re reasons and who pulled out afterward. Was they’re reason legitimate, when did they intervene? Any information will be helpful! I will give a full ten points, races whatever you have I will be so grateful! Please provide a source! About the […]

Did the Japanese know that they where going to be attacked by the atom bomb before it happened?

Doing a history essay and just want to know if they knew . Thanks if u answer.

Can compare student essays to see if they have the same essay?

It’s happened to me before even though i never plagiarized the essay. The best thing to do is cite all your sources using either APA or MLA (whatever your teacher said to use). Also, at most it will show 1 or 2% in the plagiarization column because it runs through student sources and might find […]

Compare & Contrast the main characters in “A’P” and “The Things They Carried”?

I have to write a short story essay and the criteria is as is:In the two short stories “A’P” by John Updike & “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien, Compare and Contrast the characters of Lt. Jimmy Cross and Sammy & their life choices.

Are people who lack confidence unattractive, regardless of how good-looking they might be?

When I speak to girls, it is usually with my face less than 2 inches away from theirs…it’s just the way I am, but I always find them blushing.For example, I saw, on the underground (subway) today, a girl that goes to my school (school of 2000 — and her face stood out. ha) was […]

Do word limits (in terms of maximums) cause as much difficulty for you as they do for me?

I understand that the rationale behind word limits is mainly to rescue whoever evaluates the essay/report from the risk of being faced with an overwhelmingly lengthy and non-qualitative piece. Some people are naturally good at keeping their essays/reports/other pieces of writing short and to-the-point. Their ideas of ‘significant points’ in a piece of writing also […]

Essay on why memories are important and if they make up who you are?

This is my essay topic.. I am picking Memories because i think its what makes us. If we had no memories we just be a bunch of vegetables.(brain dead)please voice your option.I’m looking for 3 main points to talk about. I’m not coming up with any right now. Essay kinda due tomorrow. So need helpthxs

Why are films made? Do they have value as a historical source?

Im doing a history essay and in the introduction I have to include the answer the the question ‘Why are films made?’ Also do you think that they have value as an historical source?Would be great if both could be answered but just one would be a lot of help!

When applying for a masters degree program, they require two references, where do I get these from?

When applying for a master’s degree program, they are require an essay and two references. Who do I get these references from? Previous teachers? I have taken ALL online classes so it’s not like I got to know any of my professors well enough for them to write me a reference. Any help is greatly […]

How is the way lady macbeth and macbeth different in the way they deal with guilt?

im writhing an essay and i cant figure out how macbeth and lady macbeth deal with the guilt of killing duncan besides the fact macbeth broke down quicker