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College Essay Thesis Statement HELP/THOUGHTS? PLEASE?

Im doing my final essay for my english class on THE BLACK PRINCE by Iris Murdoch. The Thesis statement that came up with is “Murdoch uses the characters in the story to convey the message that marriage never works out as planned.” What are your thoughts on this thesis statement? Can i add something or […]

What is a good research question/preliminary thesis to base an essay around for World War II?

I have to to an entire article on World War II for my Junior Year High School History class, what would you suggest? Thanks!

Thesis for ‘The Color Purple’?

I need a thesis and possible ideas for a literary essay I have to write on The Color Purple

Is it possible to have two thesis statements in a single paper?

The essay prompt began by asking to explain a priests take on a subject matter (this one in particular was Myth within the Scriptures) and then proceeded to ask for specific examples within the Bible corroborating and explaining the person’s view. If I made a thesis explaining the person’s view (we’ll call it the minor […]

Romeo and Juliet Fate vs. Personal Choice Thesis?

Hey I’m doing an essay on Romeo and Juliet about Fate vs. Personal choice and we need a Thesis statement and I’m not good at making Thesis statements so can someone please help me, Thank you

Anne Frank Thesis Statement?

Whats a good thesis statement for an essay about anne frank? It has to be something opinionated so I can find quotes in the drama version to support it. such as “Margot had the hardest because she was in love with peter, she blah blah blah, and she blah blah blah.” something like that. something […]

Can anyone help think of a thesis statement for a Pride and Prejudice essay?

It is a literary analysis essay, not a reflection. Any of these can help:1. List the themes and important aspects of the story2.Decide if you want to focus on theme, characters, action, motivation, etc.3. Choose 3 major ideas form your list that you want to focus on in your paper.4.Construct a sentence that has the […]

Introduction and thesis statment for jeffrey dahmer and ed gein?

i am doing a compare and contrast essay on these 2 serial killers can you please tell me if this sounds good or it needs some work:Jeffrey Dahmer grew up in a loving home with a great future ahead of him. Ed Gein grew up very religious and attached to his mother and home. Jeffrey […]

I need help creating my thesis statement please!?

so this is a persuasive essay about transcendentalism and the importance of individuality/being true to far i have: I believe that society needs to strive to make living a life with purpose their first priority and in order to achieve this one must, ___________, ___________, and, the only problem is deciding what are […]

What is a thesis I can use for an essay on Animal Farm?

The topic is “Power Corrupts” and I need to discuss the representation of power in ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell.