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Can I get into these colleges?

UPennUC BerkeleyUCLABrownEmoryI am a current senior in high school.My total GPA is 3.801Weighted is 4.514My SAT score was 2300ACT: 33This is my profile: (the commas separate the grades of the classes into semesters)Freshman:Biology Honors: B,AGeometry Honors: B,CEnglish Honors: A,BGuitar: A,ASpanish: A,BJournalism: CP.E.: AWorld History: A,BSophomore:European History AP: A,AComputer Science AP:A,AArt History AP:A,AEnglish 2 Honors:A,AAlgebra 2 […]

How do you say these sentences in Spanish?

I prefer sunny holidays because warm weather is nice and there is not much sun in England.The last holiday I went to, I went to Spain because it is close to the UK.When I go on holiday I stay in a hotel and me and my family usually stay for around 2 weeks.I’m doing a […]

In microsoft word, how can i get rid of all these symbols everywhere?

Im trying to write an essay, but theres dots between each word, and paragraph symbols everywhere. how do I turn this setting off?

Do I have to do a work cited for these?

I am doing a persuasive essay in MLA format. I am quoting people like George Washington and Eleanor Roosevelt. Do I have to use a work cited or a footnote? Ill give one quote as an example that I am using in my paper:George Washington once said, “All wars are a plague of mankind…”Do I […]

Can someone Fluent in French help me translate these phrases?

“Your task is to beat a drum without beating it yourself.”Is it: Votre tache est frapper un tambour sans se frapper “He was sealing the drum, when he heard a faint beating as the bee beat itself against the sides to try and escape.”Il etait fermer le tambour, quand il a entendu les battements légers […]

Chances at these Colleges?

.1 GPA Unweighted (Improved from freshman to junior year)8 AP Classes6 Honors Classes28 ACT Composite ScoreSix or Seven Extra Curricular100 + Volunteer Hours at HospitalGood Teacher RecsGood EssaysThree years of SpanishMoney is not an issueColleges:Boston University (Undecided)North Eastern University (Honors or Undecided)Michigan State UniversitySyracuse UniversityI know my GPA is low but this is unweighted and […]

I am doing a political essay for my final: Could conservatives please help me identify these Republicans?

1. The Idiot who claimed to be the reincarnation of Christ2. The Viagra guy who claimed to be the reincarnation of John the Baptist3. The drunken Skin Head who shot a crook in the face while hunting4. The congressman who love little pages5. The doctor who didn’t go to prison for inside trading but resign6. […]

How bad are these scores?

so i know this score is pretty low,i am pretty sure of my mistake.skipped one and accidentally put answer in wrong bubble (which i did several times).when ever i did the practice test i just wrote the letter and i practiced filling in bubbles the night before the test for the first time.on my practice […]

Is a 27 ACT score and my high school record good enough for these colleges?!? 10 Pts for best answer?

I just looked at my scores online and I received a 27 composite score on the act. I received a 33 in math, 23 in English, 23 in reading, and a 27 in science. I would really love to attend any of the following colleges: stanford, Harvard, rice, UCLA, USC, ut at Austin, Baylor or […]

Which of these would you consider Religious Genocides?

For my religion class I have to write an essay about religious genocides.The most obvious one is the holocaust but I would like to be able to give more examples and stuff to support my argument. I have some ideas but Im not quite sure what exactly counts as a genocide and also the difference […]