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Slaves in Athens and Sparta, were there differences? Help help?

I am writing a history essay and I want the topic to be about slaves in Ancient Greece. I don’t know what my “question” to investigate on should be. I could make the question ‘How were slaves treated in Ancient Greece in Athens?’ or something liked ‘How were slaves treated in Sparta compared to slaves […]

Is there a better way to improve your vocab/literary skills without having to develop a reading habit?

I’m gonna be completely honest, I HATE reading. I’ve tried. I just can’t. Can’t indulge myself into any book I put my hands on. I don’t know how my ‘bookworm’ friends do it, I’ve always admired their love for reading because writing seemed so effortless to them. It doesn’t take the bookworms I know quite […]

Are there any good words/phrases that replace “this shows”?

I’m trying to write an essay for English class but all I can think of is “this shows that… is a bad character,etc”. I need better phrases or words, like this portrays or something. Please help

How many types of euthanasia are there?

I have to write an essay on euthanasia. I searched for the types of it, but didn’t understand them. Could anyone please tell me how many types of euthanasia are there and what they all mean?

Are there any english or literature teachers willing to give advice?

Hey, I’m a literature student in year 12 and have my final exams coming up. My essay writing skills are relatively poor, and I’m really willing to improve them. Are there any literature or english teachers willing to help me in any sort of way? I was thinking perhaps I could email someone an essay […]

Is there anyway a person could be tip off to a blog that is posted on 360′?

After posting a blog within minutes a person email me that she was the one who wrote the essay.could she be tipped off by the name of the blog?

Is there an ideal age to have a baby?

I had to write an essay on this a year ago and I wrote that although basically there is no ‘right’ age to have a baby, it is important to be able to care for a child and give them the love, emotional support and material necessities that they need, and that this can be […]

Is there any scentific study or references available that “knowing” the future…?

…helps/hurts decisions/outcomes?This is in regards to a Shakespeare essay about Macbeth (the three witches) and Hamlet (his fathers ghost) that I have to write. Is there any scientific studies or references that are available showing that “knowing” the future is helped or hurt by your decisions, thus confirming or changing the result of the prophecy […]

Is there an entry essay when applying to the university of Puerto Rico en Humacao?

I’ve been searching online to see if there is a required essay, but have had no luck in finding specifications. If anyone knows for sure, it’d be great.

NATIVE FRENCH SPEAKERS! – Is there anything wrong with this essay?

Can you please fix the mistakes and explain why it is a mistake….?!MERCI BEAUCOUP J’ai récemment trouvé ma maison de rêve.Je pense qu’il est très agréableIl est très coûteuxIl est dans la ville de Dubaï, aux Emirats arabes unisC’est une maison très gigantesqueMa maison est belle. Il dispose de cent chambers. Les chambres sont faramineux […]