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My best friend keeps telling me things that most people keep to themselves. Help?

My best friend moved interstate last year. Over the past 3-4 months, she’s developed a new habit. Basically every Monday morning when I get to work, there will be an e-mail from her in my inbox. The e-mail will be like an essay, and it will mostly detail how all these ‘hot’ guys said all […]

I have to write an essay about how Media influences the way in which people percieve themselves.?

Can u give me any points on which i could open on thanks.

What do workers have to do to prepare themselves to be self-employed?

I am working on my essay about options for low-wage worker’s.Like education,self employment,etc. Could you guys help me please? Thanks! 10 points!

What are some things slave holders used to make slaves think themselves inferior + prevent them running away?

this is for an essay i have to write… im already writing a pragraph on how they instilled fear in the slaves and whipped them and treated them like animals and stuff but i need more ideas for other ways they manipulated them to make them feel inferior…? pleese help

I need help with an essay comparing bbc news against channel 4 news.? I.e how they represent themselves etc?

i.e. clothes, positioning ans satanding etc and how proffesional they llok etc plz help me get a few points and help develop a few plz?

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi. What are reasons why the cobras should get the garden to themselves?

Im doing a persuasive essay. And I can’t think of any reasons why the cobras should get the garden to themselves.

What is the definition of honor? Brutus and Caesar both consider themselves to be honorable men, yet they..?

..have very different ideas on what is right and wrong. In a descriptive essay, detail the positive and negative traits of both men and explain how the traits help each man become a greater leader. User tags:content