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Should students have the right to worship their own religion in school?

I don’t mean do you think they should have the right to learn about different religions, I mean do think they should provide a room or anyplace at the school where students can go worship their own beliefs. And what is your opinion about having theology classes that teaches about different religions without saying or […]

Help with Their Eyes Were Watching God Essay Question?

Compare and contrast Janie’s three marriages. What initially pulls her to each of the three men?How do they differ from one another? What does she learn from each experience?I don’t want you to write the whole essay for me, I just need the basics to help me write my essay paper.Thanks a Bunch

How can you describe waves? (Mainly their shape)?

I want to know how someone can describe the shape of waves. I am trying to write a descriptive essay of this picture for a project and I cant think of a way to describe it. THANKS!

Their Eyes were watching God essay?

What is the significance of the title Their Eyes Were Watching God to the novel? Why would Hurston have chosen it?

What do Taoists believe about reality? and what are some of their main beliefs?

I’m writing an essay on Lao Tzu and Taoism

What is a good title for an essay about how authors weave their lives through their books?

“Fiction or autobiography: Where do authors draw the line?” is my suggestion.

Is their pride in serving our military?

Working on an essay for a scholarship i need reasons of why there is pride in our military(not why there is not). nothing personal just the big picture of why

Quotes from parents who push their daughters into pageants?

I’m doing a discursive essay on whether child beauty pageants should be allowed and my teacher says i must put in some quotes from parents who defend their actions on pushing their child in such a horrific trade. It’s like they did not achieve when they were younger so they want their child to gain […]

When citing one author for a long essay, should I only put their name/date in the last paragraph of the paper?

Usually all of the college essays that I’ve ever had to do required at least two-three sources, but the professor of my current class specified that we only use the textbook as a source. So do I put the book’s author’s info in throughout the essay, or just at the end? I can’t ask my […]

Writing an essay how parents should give their kids more money and I need arguments please help?

it needs to be about why parents need to give their kids more money to spend on things that they want within reason what are some essays written on this or arguments?