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Thesis for ‘The Color Purple’?

I need a thesis and possible ideas for a literary essay I have to write on The Color Purple

What phrase can I use instead of ‘the fact that’?

When I write essays I’m often told I use ‘the fact that’ too often, but I can’t think of another phrase that is as ambiguous and easy to transfer across subject/context as this one is. Any ideas?

Essay hook (the book is house on mango st, but thats not so imp)?

Quote 1: To know how to free oneself is nothing; the arduous thing is to know what to do with one’s freedom”Quote 2: Man is a being with free will; therefore, each man is potentially good or evil, and it’s up to him and only him (through his reasoning mind) to decide which he wants […]

How do I cite Bioshock (the video-game) as a source in MLA format?

I’m using one of Andrew Ryan’s quotes for an essay on Libertarians. Thanks in advance.

Which of F.Scott fitzgerald’s novels has the similar theme of ‘The Great Gatsby’?

well at the moment im doing my essay on the great gatsby but i want to compare it one other book that f.scott has written and which has a theme , well not a huge theme but the general idea that the story wraps around, the american dreamare there any of f.scott fitzgeralds books that […]

Have to write an essay for school under the heading ”the best advice i was ever given”?

im totally having writers block any thoughts or prompts ? anyone ..anything would do …

An inspector calls ‘The Inspector’s closing speech’?

I need help on what I could write in an essay about the inspectors closing speech.Mainly looking at His language, movements on stage, Other characters reactions, the audiences reaction an his morality.Any help will be highly appreciated (even small helpfull paragraphs)Thanks x

What is meant by ‘the nature of the play’ in Shakespeare?

It’s for the shakespeare essay.

I have to do an essay entitled ‘The rudest person I have ever met’ but I’m unsure?

Of what to write about. It has to be a fictional 3pg story, and while I have some ideas none of them are particularly good due to the fact that I have writers block. I don’t know, I was thinking of writing about a cantankerous neighbor or perhaps just a particularly argumentative stranger. I can […]

‘The Tempest’ by William Shakespeare…HELP!?

I’m doing ‘The Tempest’ for English Lit….our coursewrok is to write an essay about the book or something about the characters in the book…i chose the character Miranda (Prospero’s daughter) and i need facts on her…like her importance in the play and stuff….so if anyone’s read or knows the play quite well…please help me…cuz i […]