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Went to the library in order to find a book that would improve my writing…but?

I want to improve my writing level. I don’t want to write stories or be a poet or anything like that. All I want is to imropve the way I write in Emails, messeges, blogs and even questions and answers here on Yahoo! Answers. I make so many grammatical errors. I also have some problems […]

What are some examples from Star Wars: A New Hope that can relate Darth to Satan?

I’m writing an essay and I am comparing Darth Vader to the biblical figure of Satan and need some specific examples that tie these two figures together.

How would you act towards people that are different than you are?

hi i live in Toronto and i have this big essay that i have to write.i have to write about how i would act towards people that are different from methank you

Is it bad that my story is online free AND in a book for sale?

Ok, so I am just now realizing this. I sent in a short story to a writing contest. Then, my school had to send in submissions into an online journal made by the students. It is free and online, published. I sent in the same essay that I wrote for the contest. And then, I […]

Im doing an essay on amsterdam do you know any sites or any information about amsterdam that could help me?

anything realytheenx!

Does the french revolution demonstrate that people can be trusted to govern?

Does the french revolution demonstrate that people can be trusted to govern?Why or why not? This is an essay question

Are there any good words/phrases that replace “this shows”?

I’m trying to write an essay for English class but all I can think of is “this shows that… is a bad character,etc”. I need better phrases or words, like this portrays or something. Please help

F a Pumice rock flip over how will that affect the magnetic poles of the rock?

i really need to no this for am essay PLEASEE HELPPP!

Compare and contrast three movements that involved the politics of identity in the 20th century?

could someone help me understand (in examples) how to write an essay on this?

What are some good topics as to writing an essay about causes and effects of that topic?

Any ideas? Please help! Thank you~!