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What are my chances to get into University of Texas at Austin?

UT is my DREAM school. Here are my Stats:I want to double major in Communications (Journalism) and Political Science.3.3 gpa1680 SAT25 ACT 142/577 (Top 25%)I’m not in the top 10%.I am a managing editor for my school newspaper, I am in Key Club and Student Council. I have about 30 hours of community service. I […]


1) What are the average SAT scores? What SAT score do I need to be accepted?2) How many students are on campus?3) What is the teacher to student ratio?4) How large is the physical campus? (sq. mileage or acreage)5) What degrees do they offer? (bachelor, masters, doctorate, etc)6) What classes do they offer in my […]

Applying to University of Texas at Austin engineering honors program?

I know that to apply to UT you have to write the 2 personal essays, and I was wondering if I had to write an additional essay if I wanted to apply to the engineering honors program? I looked on the website and it said some of the things we consider for honors engineering are…GPA, […]

Is Houston, Texas a good place for a muslim to relocate at?!?

Hey guys, what’s up? FAMILY BACKGROUND: So let me tell you some details, My mom is Saudi, my dad is half Egyptian and half American… He has both citizenships, well he was actually born in Cairo to fully Egyptian parents but he moved to the U.S. at 13 years old, so he got the citizenship. […]

Jonas brothers? august 14 houston texas concert?

does anyone know if this show is sold out? and if its not where can i buy tickets? i’ve tried calling the toyota center thingy but they don’t answer. this is an essay +10 points. i need to purchase an extra ticket due to the fact that i had pre ordered 2 from the fan […]

How would you write an essay on Texas History?

I need to write an essay on Texas history and i just wanted to know how would you Start it or how would you actually do it? It is a college level essay.Thanks for you input.

Was the annexation of Texas unconstitutional?

I’m writing a persuasive essay on whether the Mexican-American War was unjust. If the annexation of Texas was unconstitutional, then perhaps that would be a strong reason why the war was unjust…So, was it or was it not? Did the Supreme Court have a ruling, maybe? I don’t know.:(PLEASE HELP~! Oh, besides the idea of […]

Texas AM chances? Thank you :)?

GPA:unweighted:3.56(school does not rank and will not release it unless val or sal)Weighted:4.2(out of 4.7)attend school in New Orleans(average ACT is a 29 average SAT is 1880)ACT:32SAT: cr+m=1380CommendedECs: NHS(includes having to tutor)2yrs, Peer Support 2yrs, Soccer(school and club) 4 yrs, Cross Country 1 yr, Basement music Club 2yrs, Classic Rock Club 1yr, Pro-Life club 2yrs, […]

Can someone tell me all about the Texas Independence?

I have a 3 page double spaced essay due, about the texas independence, please help me out

How to get into Texas University in Austin?

Sophmore Year School: Highland Park High SchoolFirst: My grade average is an 83 Including all Pre-AP and AP Classes.I am averaging a 90 in English Pre-AP and a 87 in Math Currently im in Algebra II Pre-APSecond: I’am looking forward to go into medicine at the UT in Austin. I have over 500 Community Service […]