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What are some real consequences of the schools taking away prayer, changing the pledge, and?

limiting what dress attire we can wear as a symbol or our faith. I need real consequences please. I need some fresh ideas for an essay…

OK class, today you will be taking your super-sized AP+ CALCULUS exam?

You have 30 minutes to answer all 100 free-response questions and write an essay about the history of math…you may begin..haha..losers

Can a student get a scholarship from taking tests?

I’m in community college and I want to know if there’s scholarships from tests that are awarded to students. I mean say I do good in math or english can I take some kind of test or write essays and get some money for school? has someone (in college) taken some kind of exam and […]

Time Management – Taking HOURS to complete homework?

Hello everyone. I am having a problem where I get literally next to nothing completed even though I have a huge block of time set for homework. For example, the essay I am writing is only 7 pages long yet I only completed 4 pages in just over 36 hours. However in an exam situation, […]

When taking the Literature and Composition AP English exam, are you allowed to type up your essay?

or is it required to be hand-written?

Are my SAT scores good?…its my first time taking them.?


I’m taking the AP United States History test tomorrow…?

But I’m not in the class. I have been preparing, but I want to know some key difference between a DBQ and a regular essay. I know DBQ are document based questions. And how are FRQ different from regular essays.

Question on test taking?

Hi! I am going to be finishing up midterms on monday, and for my last class (Humanities) I basically have to write 3 essays in two hours (intro, 3 body, conclusion). Does anyone have any tips to help me finish on time? I will appreciate any advice I receive. Thanks!

Is taking an answer from this site considered plagiarism?

I am a junior in high school and i recently wrote an essay for honors English class about “The Crucible”. The essay prompt was “How did the theme of integrity play a major role in the text?” For help i googled The crucible john proctor integrity. I was taken to this site where someone had […]

What should you do when taking an AP test and do not know how to answer an essay?

I’m scared that I wont know how to answer the change over time or comparison essays. What should I do if I have no idea?