stupid essays

Why do you think essays are stupid?

I’m writing an essay about it and I need ideas.

Can someone please motivate me to finish this stupid english essay?

i really dont wanna do it lol

TKMB … This may be a very stupid To Kill a Mockingbird quesiton, but….?

Did Boo Radley really stab Nathan Radley Sr. in the leg with scissors or was this just a false story that his family conjured up to keep him inside the house? I’ve finish the novel twice. I’m pretty sure that he didn’t, but now that it’s essay time, I thought I should better ask the […]

Question for essay, might be a stupid question but my teacher can’t teach.?

how did monopolies correspond with the railroad during the 19th century?

Is it stupid to have a fictional character as your idol?

My teacher told me it was stupid to have Batman as an idol and said I couldn’t write about him for an essay then this other girl got to write about Snooki! Yeah..This was a few months ago…Random question time lol.BQ: Do you have any special talents?-I’m learning how to write in Gallifreyan.

I know this is kinda stupid, but… how can I convince my mom to let me bring my laptop on vacation?

She says it’s “too much” for me to bring my laptop on our Vacation, and I want to write my Summer Reading essays and check my email on it. I have two hours to convince her to let me bring my laptop on vacation?Thanks!

Is this really stupid?

Is this a stupid way to start an essay?”VEGETABLE MURDER! VEGETABLE MURDER! Now that that got your attention, no, I don’t think that vegetarian meals should be the only thing offered in the cafeteria (though obviously not for such a stupid reason as vegetable murder because vegetables don’t feel anything).”

Stupid marijuana essay? PLEASE HELP ME!?

I had to write an essay, but I was sick the whole week we did essay writing, so I’d never done it before! Anyways, this is all I could come up with when I followed the guideline I was given. PLEAASSE HELP ME! I know it’s terrible,what do I fix?p.s. I don’t actually agree with […]

Blonds are not Stupid!?

I am writeing an essay, that has to be funny, pursuasuve and informative. So, the topic is that Blonds are not Stupid, but I am having a hard time finding 3 reasons why they are not stupid so please think of 3 reasons why they are not stupid.Thank you very much

Would it be stupid if I wrote about a fictional character for my college essay?

I can write about a topic of my choice, and I wanted to write about a fictional character that I created. That character influenced me a lot, but is it stupid to write about him?