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How does the tsunami and earthquake relate to social studies?

So i’m in middle school, and we have to do current events where we pick an article and write a three paragraph essay on it. For the third paragraph, we have to explain how the article relates to social studies. So basically, I chose an article about an elderly couple who is recovering their house […]

I just want to quit studies all together, just can’t take this burden! please help!?

Well,, I’m a post-grad student at university. This is my first semester of post-grad and its intimidating. The whole semester is gone with those huge horrible Essay writing assignments and exams start in 2 weeks. Again have to write essays. I don’t know what the hell i need to do, I’m not good at writing […]

Should i take the boring comparative studies class?

usually i check ratemyprof for info about the teacher & if i will succeed, learn, or be bored out of my mind in the classroom. my main goal is just to get an A. i care about learning, but the A comes first.i have no info on this teacher, they have only been teaching at […]

Can anyone please tell me the questions in the legal studies hsc trials this year?

can anyone please tell me the essay questions in the legal studies trial exam 2011

Please Help me with Social Studies?

I have to write a thematic essay about movement in the medieval ages. I know the bubonic plague made families abandon each other. does that have to do with it? and they’d live in towns i believe for freedom? Please help me.

Nature vs Nurture Twin Studies?

Im doing an essay on this topic and i need as much information as possible- with sources? Also, if you have any ideas of directions that i could go with this essay, that would be great! thanks

Negatives from smoking marijuana long-term – need link to studies?

So I’m doing an essay about marijuana and I need the negative affects of the long-term use of it so I need to get some links to some non-biased credible studies.Sorry if I have bad spelling english is not my primal language.Thanks in advance!

Help with my Religious Studies Essay….Pls?

I was wondering if anyone could help me explain and answer this question for the second part of my essay. Not been religious myself i am struggling a little, thanks =]…..”The sufferings of innocent people destroy and attempt to explain why God allows moral evil” Discuss

How does knowing the true author of a piece of literature effect the studies of it? (Shakespeare related)?

I am currently writing an essay on the Shakespearean controversy, questions about authorship. One of my paragraphs is to explain effects knowing the true author or a piece of literature affects its studies on it. I am having troubles finding a way to say what the effect is. Please help.

Are higher history essays easier than higher modern studies essays?

I believe it is, yes.I have chosen to do History as one of my subjects – Modern world history.And to me, I don’t find the essay difficult. There is just a lot to remember and to write.