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Canadian Immigration 1896-1914 Essay….. i need help with stuck?

Canadian Immigration 1896-1914 Essay….. i need help with stuck…i need to finish my esssay by weds… this is for my grade 10 history class

Im stuck in a rut, help!?

im a 22 year old graduate with 2 degrees (BA international tourism management and FdA sport and adventure management) which iv wanted to get into for years. my dream is to live in australia and do pretty much anything tourism related, as long as i had a job i enjoyed and the quality of life […]

I’m totally stuck on this essay question concerning The Great Gatsby?

we have to write an essay explaining why jay gatsby is the morally ambiguous chatacter of the story. i’m totally confused. i pretty much have my intro done but i have no clue where to go from is my intro:The Great Gatsby is loaded with many truly odd characters. One character in particular that […]

Im stuck on this essay. help anyone?

Ok so I’m writtin a classificationn/division essay and I’m stuck.can anyonne help me start the essay? Maybe some topics

Image of webpage stays stuck on screen when minimized or closed?

So whenever I minimize my window, the screenshot of what was on that webpage stays stuck on that screen. So, I can’t even go to a different icon anymore. And I cannot turn off my computer otherwise it will delete many important files (it’s set up that whenever you shut it down, it will erase […]


okay not really,I’m actually writing a persuasive essay on adopting shelter animals instead of purchasing from breeders or pet stores and am in need of a better title. Apparently “Persuasive Essay” just won’t do it. PLLLEEAAASE help me! its due last week!

Occasions when and why colleagues need to work together? essay question and im stuck need 400 words?

Think about a doctors surgery.The receptionist has to do the bookings to keep the doctor busy, but not with minor problems or serious injuries (that need an ambulance). So by working together, the doctor makes the most effective use of his time and skills. This is also true for a surgeon – he needs the […]

Cats Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut. Im stuck on my essay?

Cat’s Cradle was written by Kurt Vonnegut in 1963. In this book the author is explaining what life is and how science is destroying everything that god has ever created. The book has both funny and face crinching chapters. Though this book has many short chapters, it is filled with many-detailed information’s. Cats Cradle is […]

An descriptive essay of a traffic jam you stuck in?

Firstly, this isn’t a question, it’s a statement.It should also be ‘A descriptive essay of a traffic jam you are stuck in.’Yes, there are many descriptive essays on traffic jams.However – what is your question ?

Can someone help me with the intro to my essay?! I’m so stuck :(?

I have to pick one of two essay topics & although I do have ideas, I don’t know how to start the introductions. Please help me ! I’ve been here staring at my paper for hours!Topic 1: Compare & contrast – How city dwellers and country dwellers spend their leisure time.Topic 2: Compare and contrast-Liberals […]