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Is it bad that my story is online free AND in a book for sale?

Ok, so I am just now realizing this. I sent in a short story to a writing contest. Then, my school had to send in submissions into an online journal made by the students. It is free and online, published. I sent in the same essay that I wrote for the contest. And then, I […]

I am have to write an essay about a fantasy story! Help! Need ideas!?

Well I have to write an essay about a fantasy story, so I have to have a normal situation and then something inpossible happens! I need help, please! I really need ideas! Remember 10 p. for best answer!

What bible story shows most how God loves us? Please, I need it for a essay.?

I need a story that shows how much God loves us. I doing an essay on what God is. I’m showing how He can be loving, yet disciplinary and merciful. Any good bible stories along the lines of that?

Telling a story about an important issue in today’s society though pictures and/or sounds?

i am supposed to tell a story about an important issue in today’s society through pictures and/or sounds(graphic/photo essay/ visual presentation/music).does anyone know what i could do for this?

RE: what is the story of the buddha?

me and my friend are writing a essay on the buddha and we cant find any thats just a brief page story. can you give me a link for one i can put into my own words.if you really want to help can you write it in your own words for me for an instant […]

How is bullying portrayed in the movie “Toy Story 3?”?

My school is having this essay for HW, and it is being collected from the Principal on Wednesday. Please help me!

Any ideas for a creative essay/short story?

I don’t particularly want to write a fantasy story, as my teahcer said the character has to make a ‘metaphorical journey’. Last year, I wrote about a girl who had lost everything in a war. I was thinking of writing about someone who was in a coma (by implying it, not actually saying they were […]

In the story deadly unna how does gary black change? anyone know i have an essay due soon?

i just don’t get it can anyone plz help me its my first essay

I have to do a photo essay for a photography class, but I can’t choose a story, any ideas?

It has to tell a story with 6-10 photos and I need some inspiration.

Good title for a story about being lost from parents?

i need it for my narrative essay but my teacher is very picky so it has to be really good or else she will not like it. thnx )