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College Essay Thesis Statement HELP/THOUGHTS? PLEASE?

Im doing my final essay for my english class on THE BLACK PRINCE by Iris Murdoch. The Thesis statement that came up with is “Murdoch uses the characters in the story to convey the message that marriage never works out as planned.” What are your thoughts on this thesis statement? Can i add something or […]

Anne Frank Thesis Statement?

Whats a good thesis statement for an essay about anne frank? It has to be something opinionated so I can find quotes in the drama version to support it. such as “Margot had the hardest because she was in love with peter, she blah blah blah, and she blah blah blah.” something like that. something […]

Can anyone help think of a thesis statement for a Pride and Prejudice essay?

It is a literary analysis essay, not a reflection. Any of these can help:1. List the themes and important aspects of the story2.Decide if you want to focus on theme, characters, action, motivation, etc.3. Choose 3 major ideas form your list that you want to focus on in your paper.4.Construct a sentence that has the […]

Attention grabber’main idea statement for essay! HELP!?

I am in the eight grade and my assignment is to write a cause and effect essay and I chose global warming for mytopic. I know exactly how I want to write it and what I am going to say, but I need help with part of the essay. I haveto have a really good […]

I need help creating my thesis statement please!?

so this is a persuasive essay about transcendentalism and the importance of individuality/being true to far i have: I believe that society needs to strive to make living a life with purpose their first priority and in order to achieve this one must, ___________, ___________, and, the only problem is deciding what are […]

Can someone help me write a proper thesis statement because i am lost?

Ok so my broad topic is “The Haitian Crisis.” My narrowed topic is “Haitian Poverty and Recovery.”In my essay i want to talk a little bit about the earthquake with some data on it, why Haiti was and is still so poor and how they plan to recover.Can someone help me with this? Or at […]

Can anyone give me a thesis statement for bipolar disorder?

I’m doing an essay for bipolar disorder and i would like to end my intro with a good thesis statement. Can someone help me out? My teacher would only want me to mention manic and depression in my essay… This essay is for gym and I also need some references. If anyone has some please […]

Is this a good Thesis statement: for a persuasive essay.?

Tell me if you think it is good or not?Btw my controversial topic is Lowering the minutes required for a school day and I am con.”Going to school does not make a person educated, any more than going to a garage makes a person a car” (Bruce, Lenny). Now a day’s most young people put […]

I need a good hook statement for this essay I am doing?

The prompt is like choosing a leader in your life that you looked up to and inspired you.I chose my tennis coach Renee.please help (:

Is this a good personal statement on a transfer app. question is why are my grades not a reflection of me.?

I could sit here and write this essay and try to make up elaborate excuses as to why my grades in High School don’t properly reflect my academic potential, but instead I am going to just state the truth. i was immature, unprepared and too stubborn my senior year to do the proper work that […]