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How to start off an essay with the topic being about japans culture?

I need to start off an essay with the introduction or topic sentence being about japans culture but im having trouble thinking of something help.

How would i start off an essay about the play ”Macbeth”?

what a good universal and thesis statement for an essay about Macbeth (who is to blame for king Duncan’s death)

How would you start an essay on………….?

If you were to write a research essay on Imperialism in Africa…how would you start?Please. I have no clue on how to start >< and I don’t want it to be boring, starting it off by defining the term imperialism…so please help:DThanks in advance!

I can’t start my Gatsby essay. Help?

Hi everyone, my 2-3 page MLA format essay about the Great Gastsby starts on Monday and I’m having a lot of trouble starting it. I already have an outline.. but I don’t know where to go from there. How do I start this thing?

I want to write and publish a book– a collection of essays or reflections. What do I need to do to start?

Books of a spiritual, self-growth or inspirational matter are among my favorites and I think I have the skill, research resources and interest to write one of my own. I just don’t know anything about the publishing side of books. Can you give me some advise?

How should I start this essay off?

I got an essay due on Tuesday, and it is about the split of the Roman Empire and how it contribute to the fall of Rome. I have no clue how to start this off.

How to start off my college essay?

i have to write a college essay about who i am and i have to answer it as thoroughly as possible and i have been sitting in front of my computers for hours now. i have no clue how to start it off. any suggestions?

How should i start my essay ?

I am doing a long essay on WSPU but i pretty much have done evrything ese it just needs editing.I am stuck on the intro how should i do it?Essay title is:Why did women get the vote in 1918 and not before?The essay is about WSPU i mention NUWSS,i discuss the tactics within the campaing, […]

Should I start the conversation?

Ok, so there’s this guy who’s been catching my bus for ages now, and i saw him at the shops a few weeks ago (out of my school uniform) and he said to my friend i was seriously hot and did this sexy grunt or something. He also asked her for my number a few […]

How would you start this persuasive essay?

its about whether 16 year olds should be able to drive or not..reasons why they should;-they can help parents who don’t drive.. or cant drive them to places.-they passed a drivers first-driving license-car accidents are not always the drivers faultwhy they shouldnt;-they get distracted easily-teens are more likely to do reckless things-not all teens are […]