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What are some examples from Star Wars: A New Hope that can relate Darth to Satan?

I’m writing an essay and I am comparing Darth Vader to the biblical figure of Satan and need some specific examples that tie these two figures together.

What is the best way for me to descibe a star on a Christmas tree?

I am writing a descriptive essay on Christmas trees and I am stuck on what to say about the star

Which Star Wars movie can be compared to George Orwell’s 1984?

- have to write an essay comparing 1984 to any Star Wars Movie for my grade 12 English class. Although I’m familiar with the films I’m having a tough time finding 3 common elements in either! I’d greatly appreciate ANY help! Thanks!

I dont know how to star of with ths essay?

im writing a essay about Serial killers and i don’t know to start if off i want to be dark and evil so it catches the readers eye. I only need one sentence and i cant think of one.

Star Trek and World Relations?

I’m attempting an essay for a course on how Star Trek (original series plus the movie collections) related to current events at the time. I have figured out that certain species on the show related to certain countries (e.g. United Federation of Planets was the UN, Klingons were USSR, Vulcans not so sure but thinking […]