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What are my chances at Stanford?

2270 SAT, 800 Math Level 2, 770 Chemistry, 3.8 GPA, 2 internships at economic institutes in Asia, Stock Market Club(3 years), JV/Varsity Tennis(Captain), Spanish Club(Council Member), Semifinalist at Ramapo College Essay competition, etc… and all the qualifications that the typical Stanford applicant will have. BUT, I have a school record of having dropped a bowl […]

Any suggestions and opinion on this college essay for Stanford?

I am starting to write the essays for Stanford, and one of the prompt is:”Virtually all of Stanford’s undergraduates live on campus. Write a note to your future roommate that reveals something about you or that will help your roommate—and us—know you better.”Please read mine and give your opinion or any suggestions. Thanks! Dear Future […]

Transfer to Stanford?

I got a 3.0 in high school but instead of going off to the single college I got into I decided to go to a community college. Cheaper, I knew I wanted to transfer anyways, I love my job that I have…I got a 3.6 and a 34 on my ACT (34 math, 34 english, […]

Can I get into Top Schools (UCLA, Cal, Stanford, Columbia etc.)?

I am a sophomore in high school, but I am currently studying abroad. Here is where I currently stand.Freshman Year:World History (H) (Pre IB) A/AGeometry (H) A/AFrench 2 A/AEnglish 1 (H) A/ABiology (H) B+/B+ (89% both semesters)Research and Technology (one sem. required) ASoccer for both high school and club, CSF, Assistance League, French ClubSophomore:English 2(H): […]

What Are The Chances of me Getting into Stanford University Right out of High school?

Im a junior now, I have taken 2 AP’s so far, and 3 honors classes, and I have all A’s (except p.e./ dance but I dont think thats too important) academically I have all A’s.. I have a lot of volunteering hours (over 200 so far) and I am good student, not the BEST but […]

My Mother Really Wants Me To Go To Stanford, But Im Not So Sure I Have A Shot?

reading up on what it takes to get accepted into this extremely prestigious school has only lessened my hopes. My mother thinks i’m special, and Stanford material, but I don’t see what is so special about me. Im ALMOST top 5% in my class (6%), My Unweighted GPA is about 3.6 or 3.7, though i […]

Chances into stanford or chicago help?

Chances into stanford?gpa 3.2 out 4.04000 community service hours 4 years of football ,chess, checkers, tennis, cricket ,anime, science, united nationsinternship at penn state and out of country internshipplayer of year in a sporteagle scout2nd out of 1000 in essay contestreceived an award from president of a countrybeen to science camps at harvard columbia and […]

I want to go to stanford. badly.?

I can’t stop thinking about it. Please, someone (preferably someone who goes there? doesn’t have to be though) tell me if you think this is enough to get in Early Action:I have a 4.00 GPA unweighted and 5.0889 weighted; I’m #2 in a senior class of 523. I’ve never gotten anything less than an A, […]

Stanford roommate short essay?

Can you please edit it/give me your overall thoughts. Please be as critical as you can. I welcome all comments. Prompt: Write a note to your future roommate that reveals something about you or that will help your roommate – and us – know you better.Dear future roommate,Within days of living with me, you will […]

How to do the Stanford Roommate essay?

I have 2 drafts:one is about the things I like to do, what i’ll bringthe other is more about how books/raising guide dogs has made me who I am? What exactly are they looking for? This is more about me:I have a huge love for readingI raise guide Dogsi love country musici’m very tenacious and […]