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I need help with making a source with my English essay.?

Well my subject was to write a paper on visual analysis. Everyone was supposed to use The New Yorker. I chose the May 11, 2009 issue. And i have everything done i got 1200 + words and all is well, except i need a source for my essay. My teacher told everyone has to have […]

How do I cite Bioshock (the video-game) as a source in MLA format?

I’m using one of Andrew Ryan’s quotes for an essay on Libertarians. Thanks in advance.

Looking for a good place online to source quotes?

I am due to write and essay on the impact of the internet on creative industries my choice being graphic design. just wondering if there is anybody out there who could suggest good places online to find quotes that are relevant to the topic and also have a reference to there the quote comes from […]

Help In Writing Essay?Water Is The Source Of Life? Easy 10 Pts?

Write an essay to your local newspaper telling them hw important water is in our lives……150-160 words

Does anyone know where to find Ancestors: The Genetic Source?

The essay Ancestors: The Genetic Source by David Suzuki.. Does anyone know where to find the original essay i need it for a project and don’t have a copy, quick help would be appreciated.

Why are films made? Do they have value as a historical source?

Im doing a history essay and in the introduction I have to include the answer the the question ‘Why are films made?’ Also do you think that they have value as an historical source?Would be great if both could be answered but just one would be a lot of help!

Write an essay on source of finance avilable for tourism industry?

finance avilable for tourism industry

Need cause effect essay topic and source about computers, any help?

How about this?Does the use of a social site like Facebook or MySpace really lead to stronger relationships?Choose some way to measure “stronger”. Maybe face-to-face time or perceived strength.

History: Primary and Secondary Source?

Ok, so I have an essay to write about primary and secondary source.I have explained what it is, the advantages and limitations, its come up to 5 lines…I have no Idea what else to write..Any Ideas?

I need help finding a source?

I’m writing my final essay on prohibition, I read this one website page that was talking about how people would steal alcohol from breweries and stuff, since they were still being used for exports.i didnt write this down, and i need to cite information. PLEASE HELP ME FIND A WEBSITE THAT SAYS THIS !